what is it?

the p.e.t.r.o.s. sutras

never doubt the inevitability of pure energy transcending revelation of spirit beyond space-time.

never doubt the possibility of recognizing your own purity and infinity right now.

consciousness is only timeless awareness.

there is only perfect enlightenment … to REALIZE and EMBODY this is awakening.

no mind, no time, no past, no future … only FULLY UNLIMITED CONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE.

to meditate is your very being, not a waste of time but the creation of reality itself.

there is ONLY infinity.

to enter into the infinite, into now, is to recognize god and to share it with all.

there is ONLY the universal (no)self.

but saying these things is one thing and REALIZING them is another … for most of us that demands WORK.

we love the spiritual peaks, but we can't live up there all the time. … we can only live and do WORK in the valleys and on the plateaus between.

you ascend the peaks to get a better view of the valleys that lie ahead of you.

it may seem that nothing is “happening,” but these plateau times are actually important times of consolidation of your energy.

they are a chance to learn, to build your energies for the next climb.

awakening does not mean feeling less but feeling more.

you can choose comfort or you can choose transformation.

growth only begins where your comfort zone ends.

* * *

Awakening is the revelation of essence,
hidden by long eons of self-delusion,
unbounded desires.

Enlightenment is an ending as well as a beginning:
the ending of the old, veiled, dark ego,
its longings, illusions, frustrations;
the beginning of a vast expanse,
an infinite field of the Unknown,
an adventure in consciousness.

It is a revolution:
it represents danger to the old way of life,
to old ways of thinking and living.

It is freedom from the known and the unknown;
from the real and the unreal;
from any appearance of division between you and Truth.

It is the abandoning of beliefs, disbeliefs,
presumptions and stances,
self, ego,
all conceptual dualisms
such as “all” and “nothing.”

It is the Path of the Golden Dawn,
the Path out of the Night of Time
into the Bursting daylight of Eternal Now.

It is the
Path of the Rosy Cross,
the Path of the flowering of that Essence of the Real
upon the cross of apparent material suffering and death.

It is Arya Marg,
the ancient Path of the Noble,
called out from all eras
into Immortality.

It is Amrit Satsangha,
the very Assembly of Immortals and the nectar of Immortality

It is the Ek-Radha,
the One Soul-Spirit encompassing All that Is.

It is the
Lila Shakti Dhyana,
the divine play of meditative energy.

It is the
Fellowship of Universal Conscious Knowledge,
Yogic Enlightenment Sangha.


* * *



Regular Practices

Devotions. Can be performed privately or in a group setting, silently or using mantras or specific recitations or affirmations. No set time required, but should be kept up regularly.

Attitude of Gratitude. Maintain an inner attitude of gratitude at odd times of the day, or whenever negativity threatens to arise. This is especially important at the end of the day before retiring, and upon rising in the morning.

The Fun Test. When in a stressful situation, come to a complete stop and ask yourself, "Am I Having Fun?" If not, find out why not. The answer is usually (90%+) a failure of practice on your part -- generally a lack of gratitude to the universe, or a forgetfulness of your impending mortality. "If you're not having fun, you're doing something wrong."

Letters to God. Once in a while when you feel you have some burden you want to get off your spirit, compose a letter to God, your Higher Self, Spirit, some transitioned Saint or other, or whoever you most feel the need to communicate with. Bear your soul freely and without restraint or any regard for social niceties. Then destroy the letter -- burning is best. Throw the ashes to the winds, and your burden with them.

Journal. This is a critical practice for all devotees. The journal should contain things you find to be of importance to your spiritual development -- important events, inner experiences, dreams, significant encounters, and so forth. You should avoid negativity, gossip, and mundane routines. The regular writing of a personal spiritual journal is one of the most important investments you can make for your continued development.


The Refuge and Bodhisattva Vows

I take refuge in Guru, the Teacher of Awakening.
I take refuge in Buddha, the Enlightened One.
I take refuge in Dharma, the body of Teachings.
I take refuge in Sangha, the Community of Awakeners.

To the unenlightened minidstream, sentient beings appear to be numberless;
Undual Bodhicitta vows to liberate them all, without a single exception,
Until samsara itself is utterly Seen and Transparent.

To the unenlightened mindstream, the obscurations appear to be inexhaustible;
Undual Bodhicitta vows to extinguish them all, without a single exception,
And bring to pass that perfect and most unsurpassed Realization
That is beyond the conceptual dualism of “samsara” and “nirvana,”
And the conceptual dualism of “both” and “neither.”

May all beings have bliss and the cause of bliss
May all beings be free of suffering and the cause of suffering
May all beings not be free of that bliss beyond suffering
May all beings abide in perfect equanimity, that Realization that is beyond desire, aversion and delusion
May undual “I” be the cause of this perfect unsurpassed liberation.

In Truth:
Form is not other than Void
Void is not other than Form
Form is not other than Form
Void is not other than Void

Digesting Negative Energies

It is important that one expand oneself in order to properly digest the powerful negative energies that one will encounter or indeed generate oneself in the course of one's journey, or even in day-to-day mundane life. It is crucial to not contract in the face of such energies. The fetus cannot be recapitulated. Transformation implies growth, not reduction.

The common, unenlightened response to dealing with all the kinds of negativity that people and circumstances tend to put upon one each day is to merely react, to send them back from where they are perceived to come from. This is about as impossible as pushing water back up a river.

It is also common to try to "pass on" this negativity like the proverbial hot potato. This works, but only perpetuates the pain. Life is a circle and eventually it comes back again; not to mention that what you are doing is habituating yourself to this sort of response, so that it becomes ingrained.

One either trains oneself for growth and transformation, or one trains oneself for stagnation. Stagnation leads to death, both spiritual and physical.


Enlightenment has no Content

Enlightenment has no content.
It is not a "thing," it is not an object of study or of contemplation or of discussion.
It is purely a matter of
context, a matter of how one habitually frames experience;
All experience, including thoughts, sensations, and even unconscious movements of the mind.

This context touches upon the feeling of pure awareness, wordless awareness,
in which one just rests in natural consciousness without inner or outer verbalizations.
It may sound rather "mystical" or esoteric but that is more a failure of our words to express it
than a quality of this awareness itself.
In practice there is nothing esoteric about it, but one must realize this,
which in itself does not always come easy.


Work and Enlightenment are One

Although everything is already “enlightened,” in the absolute sphere,
We work because it is the most enlightened thing to do, in the relative sphere.
We work because it generates energy in the world to bring the relative closer to the absolute.

Practice means bringing mindfulness to every aspect of our waking lives,
But it also means setting aside specific times for non-activity, such as quiet meditation.
Even non-activity is activity for awakening!

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