Selections from the Vigyan Bhairav Tantra


Note. The following is a compilation of various fragments of instruction hinting at several methods of attainment. Probably they originated as student notes requiring the input of a competent teacher to fully realize. They may be taken as exercises. Petros has rearranged the fragments into a more coherent order.


The Shining One, the knowledge of Truth, dawns for the meditator between the inspiration and the expiration, at the place of the Third Eye, the Gate of Godhood.

Between the breaths, going in going out going out going in: Realize what Is!

Then touch that unmoving infinite Center of thyself, Center of All!

At the end of one expiration, hold the breath for a moment, and feel one's nonexistence as separate individual.

Know yourself as pure Light shooting up the spine to the crown of the head; this is your life current, the force of the universe

Like Lightning it flashes up through the spinal column, this power of God.



Focus between the brows, the place of the Third Eye, prior to thoughts, and breathe, seeing the breath energy filling this spot; energy fills to the top of the skull and showers out as a fountain of Light.



Lightly hold closed the orifices of the head (ears, nostrils, mouth, eyes) and feel the center inside without senses. Feel attention going inward, down into the heart center. Hear the source of sounds in the center of the ears. AUM, the sound of sounds, the sound of the ocean and the blood, the sound of you!


Listening to musical instruments, hear the bass tone that guides them, uniform, unregarded yet essential to the melody. Hum at ordinary loudness, gradually diminishing as a distant sound leaving you, following the diminishment to deepness.


Postulate a spirit both within and without oneself; all is spirit is it not?

Enter into the subtle presence pervading all, above, below, within, without.

Focus attention above, below, inside.

Postulate any specific region of the flesh form as infinitely large.

Feel the flesh form totally saturated with infinity.

Feel the flesh form as an empty shell.

Focusing all senses in the heart center, the heart of the lotus is reached.

Unfocus from the mind, abide in the heart center.


Imagine the all-consuming fire of cremation burning the flesh form up gradually, totally; yet there is that that remains. Imagine the same happening to your world.


Feel deeply the subtle, precious sensations of creation and fructification filling your heart space, flowering into vibrant life

Focusing the movement of breath at the third eye, bring the feeling down into the heart as you enter into sleep or meditation; thus one acquires lucidity in dreaming and beyond.


Meditate in vast, empty, solitary and flat spaces, freeing the conditioned mind of its fetters. What are the myriad universes but empty shells in which one's thoughts wander endlessly? Sense the Universe as only eternal presence here. Know the Cosmos unbounded to be nothing different from yourSelf body and thought.


Meditate on knowing; on not knowing; on existence and on nonexistence; now abandon all dualities.

Observe a simple object with total acceptance and nondesire. Beyond the form and the function: grace universal.


At the onset of sexual communion, focus on the internal fire and continue this focus until the end.

So interlocked, feeling senses shaking, focus on the stillpoint in the center of the shaking.

And communion without fleshly embrace, meditated upon, is also transformative.


Enter the center of any joyful occasion.

Eating and drinking, focus on the very essence of 'taste' itself.

In singing, seeing, tasting, or anything else, focus on the doer your very Self.

Where satisfaction of desire is believed to be found, in any activity, know the enjoyer thereof.


At the margins of sleep, in the twilight state, being may oft be uncovered.

Enter clarity like the clarity of the summer sky.


Wrathful? Remain in it, but unmoving, without blinking. Know stillness.

Play the stopping game: When you feel the impulse to "do," simply stop!


Lie prone as a corpse. Literally see the vastness of all space already absorbed in your point of view.


Awake, asleep, in dreaming, in dreamless sleep, in death: Know yourself as only Light.


Focus on AUM without the beginning or the closure; merely the expansive center.

Feel yourself pervading all the directions and in every distance.

Every seemingly similar object is but an instance of the phenemona "many-suns-in-one-tumultuous-pool." When the mind is stilled, these seeming objects become like the phenomenon "one-sun-appears-in-a-still-pool."

Seemingly individual forms are not separate in Truth. All is inseparate Being, and that is your Self. Attention exists merely as every seeming individual thing; there is naught else.

The phenomenal world is all change-change-change. Go through change and consume it leaving only the Unchanging Real. Enter the vastness of what Is, without support, eternal, still-selfmoving.

Freedom and nonFreedom are relative terms, concepts of the mind only, held to only by the as-yet-unknowing, who think their concepts real.

Things are perceived by "knowing." But truth is not by "knowing," but by the unity of the knower and the known. Just allow mind, seeming knowing, breath, and form be undifferentiated.

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