Meditation on the Universal Sound and Light Current


Light is the essential nature of the Cosmos. Sound is its corollary on a lower frequency range. As entities we perceive a wide variety of light and sound frequencies, but in ordinary circumstances we fail to perceive that behind all seeming variation in vibration is one single Sound, one single Light. This is the Light and Sound of God, and through meditative concentration it can be directly perceived.

Sit in a comfortable meditative posture, eliminating outside distractions as much as feasible. Distractions that cannot be elimination are not to be resisted but simply accepted as part of the meditation.

Close the eyes and focus the attention on a point in the brain located between the eyebrows and a few inches inside the skull -- the essential centerpoint of the brain. Visualize nothing but this point, seeing it as small as possible, infitesimally small. This is the "Third Eye" known to ancient adepts, the gateway for visioning in the subtle planes.

Focus the mind further by mentally intoning the sacred sound vibration, "Om" (sometimes transliterated "Aum") as if it were one continuous vibration. External aids, such as an audiotape or CD of this sound, may be utilized if needed. Even the loud hum from a nearby apparatus such as a refrigerator or heater may be utilized to create this "white noise" background, which is nothing else but the basic sound of the cosmos. This sound will serve to eliminate habitual self-dialogue.

(It may be that you have been given, by Petros or another Master, a specific mantram or God-word to utilize in your meditations; if so, use that instead. "Om" is a general-purpose intonation that anyone may use without difficulties.)

If distracting images appear in one's mind, keep looking at the center of the given image, still focusing on the tiny point at the Third Eye; the image will readily dissipate. Images that seem to come down from a higher realm, such as depictions of holy places, gods, and so forth should not be clung to. Momentarily express gratitude for such blessings, then continue to focus and let them dissipate.

If images of a Master or spiritual adept appear to one, focus on the being's eyes with your own. The being may have some wisdom to impart to one and one may heed these messages or vibrations. If the appearance is a false image, it will distort or dissipate, whereas authentic manifestations are steady, clear, and non-threatening. Remember that the goal is not to remain gazing in rapture at any Master, but to go through the Master as through a Gate, to God (Truth) beyond. (This is the meaning of the esoteric injunction to "pull God through" any being or condition.) A genuine Master consciously serves as a Gate to God and will not attempt to bar your progress or interpose himself longer than needful.

The meditation should continue until distracting, mundane sounds and images no longer intrude and one has received the distinct manifestation of the Sound and Light of God, or entered into fruitful communion with a Master. One must never "force" a manifestation, however; this will only lead to self-delusion or frustration. If one senses this to be the case, the meditation should be ended for the day.