Petros is an itinerant spiritual teacher and international adventurer. Over the years his peregrinations have taken him from his childhood home in New England across every state in the United States and most of the provinces of Canada, as well as about thirty-five other nations including much of Europe, Japan and Korea, Thailand, the Caucasus and Central Asia, Sri Lanka and ultimately across a large part of India. His pilgrimages included meditative sojourns at Ramanashram (Tiruvannamalai), Aurobindo Ashram (Pondicherry), Dakshineshwar and Belur Math (Kolkata), Mayapur, Varanasi, Puttaparthi, Shirdi, Vrindavan, and Pune.

On his journeys, Petros has been ever in search of That which is beyond time and space, life and death. Now, in the 2010s, Petros divides his time mostly between Los Angeles and the desert Southwest.
It is believed that Petros grew up in a working-class city in New England sometime during the mid-20th century, the child of a refugee from postwar Europe and a Portuguese laborer whose seafaring ancestors helped establish the enclave of Goa in India. The presence in his Portuguese lineage of a certain arcane Romani (Gypsy) influence may also help serve to explain something of Petros' lifelong love of wandering. Some rumors claim that a mysterious teacher answering to the general description of Petros had been seen by various people in diverse locations around the world going back at least to the late 19th century, but we have been unable to verify such legends.
During a series of intense, spontaneous visionary experiences beginning in 1992 and continuing off and on until at least 1996, which Petros calls his years of “lila shakti dhyana,” Petros saw revealed various deep aspects of the true nature of self and consciousness. In an effort to integrate these experiences over a period of time, he embarked upon a spiritual "research mission" (as it were), visiting forty to fifty well-known teachers, gurus, and guides, and investigating numerous paths in order to better understand the motivation of the spiritual search and the needs of a wide variety of personality and karmic types. In respect of the universal traditions of mankind, Petros continutes to honor legitimate spiritual guides and believes in maintaining strong bonds of relationship with any source that provides growth and nourishment.
Petros has enjoyed the potent darshan of Ammachi, Baba Hari Dass, and the late Yogi Ramsuratkumar; he has also sat with the teachers Byron Katie, Gangaji, and Eckhart Tolle; and has met numerous other saints and sages in various countries.
"I have sat at the feet of many teachers -- of varying degrees of authenticity -- but taken nourishment from only a few; for one cannot drink deeply from many wells, it is said somewhere." (Petros 2/02)
A page dedicated to some of the the teachers Petros has encountered and received empowerments from over the years may be found at this link: TEACHERS OF PETROS.
Petros has also experienced subtle-plane visionary teachings from several Masters of the recent past, including Gurdjieff, Meher Baba, Da Free John and Zen Master Rama.
During his travels Petros has studied Advaita Vedanta, Shabda (Sound and Light) Yoga, Christian Mysticism and Rosicrucian ritual, Sufism, and other persuasions even more obscure. Petros has also been initiated into the tradition of Kriya Yoga by a direct disciple of Paramhansa Yogananda (Roy Eugene Davis.) He has also received a certificate of Absurdification of Fooly-Enlightened Status from Swami Beyondananda.

In 2008, Petros was acknowledged as a talib al-asik (student seeker) of the Bektashi Order of Sufism, an Alevi (Anatolian Shiite) order during a retreat at the order's tekke (center) in Tetovo, Macedonia. He received the baraka (blessing) of the Order's Dedebaba (leader) at its world headquarters in Tirana, Albania.
Petros has engaged in a particularly deep involvement with Vajrayana Buddhism since at least 1997, and has received empowerments in three of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma, Kagyu, Gelug.) He has received the rarely-given Red Tara empowerment in the tradition of Nyingmapa Vajrayana, and has also been privileged to receive several empowerments given by His Eminence Garchen Triptrul Rinpoche, a lama of the Drikung Kagyu lineage of Tibet, including the empowerments of Milarepa, Chakrasamvara, Vajrakilaya, and Mahakala, as well as White Tara and Green Tara. He has also received the Samantabhadra Dzogchen Transmission direct from Chogyal Namkhai Norbu. Petros has also been honored to have been granted the Yamantaka empowerment by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Upon his relocation to Los Angeles in 1999, commencing his work with various individuals in the film industry, some have begun referring to Petros as a "Guru to the Stars" -- though Petros disavows the term, saying, "The ego always wants to be the 'star' of its own show, doesn't it? And spirituality is about getting past that little delusion."
Petros has also served as an uncredited technical advisor for spiritual and metaphysical films such as What Dreams May Come, The New Age, The Holy Man, and others.
Petros was a candidate for Governor during California's special recall election of 2003, running as an independent on a platform of healthy living, alternative energy and higher consciousness.

Since January of 2008, Petros has maintained the lifestyle of an itinerant (wandering) teacher, principally but not exclusively centered in the Southwestern United States, with regular teaching visits to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Sedona.
Photographs from Petros' 1998 pilgrimage to Southern India and Sri Lanka, as well as his 2004 Trans-India Mission, his 2008 WorldQuest Across Eurasia, and more can be found at his Flickr page:
Link to a 2001 Interview conducted with Petros