The Isopanisad


1. Everything animate or inanimate within the countless cosmoses arises in mutual interdependence, derving from the ever-unmanifest Source of All. One should thus accept only those things necessary for oneself, not accepting other things, knowing well to whom they belong.

2. One may aspire to live for hundreds of years if one continuously goes on working in the way of renunciation of dualism, for that sort of work will not bind one to the law of karma. There is no alternative to this way for sentient beings.

3. The killer of the soul, whoever he may be, must enter into the planets known as the worlds of the faithless, full of darkness and ignorance.

4. Though fixed in his unmoving abode, the core of all, the Personality of Godhead is swifter than the mind and can overcome all others, being merely manifestations and appendanges of Himself. Even the demigods cannot approach Him. Although in one place, He controls those who supply the air and rain. He surpasses all in excellence.

5. The Supreme Lord walks and does not walk. He is far away, but He is very near as well. He is within everything, and yet He is outside of everything. He is both manifest and unmanifest.

6. One who sees everything in relation to the Supreme Source, who sees all living entities as His parts and parcels, and who sees the Supreme Source within everything, never hates anything or any being.

7. One who always sees all living entities as spiritual sparks, in quality one with the Source, becomes a true knower of things. What then can be illusion or anxiety for him?

8. Such a person must factually know the greatest of all, the Personality of Godhead, who is unembodied, omniscient, beyond reproach, pure and uncontaminated, the self-sufficient Energy and Spirit who has been fulfilling every being's desire since the beginning.

9. Those who indulge in false, conditioned knowledge incarnate continually in realms of ignorance.

10. The enlightened have explained that one result is derived from a culture of knowledge and that a different result is obtained from the culture of ignorance and delusion.

11. Only one who can learn the process of ignorance and that of transcendental knowledge side by side can transcend the wheel of rebirth and enjoy the full blessings of immortality.

12. Those engaged in the worship of demigods and spirits are continually reborn in the realms of the demigods and spirits, which realms are only conditioned and temporary according to karma. Those engaged in the contemplation of the Impersonal Absolute remain within the impersonal realm, which itself is only conditioned and temporary according to karma.

13. It is rightly taught that one result is obtained by worshiping the Supreme Cause of All Causes and that another result is obtained by worshiping what is not supreme.

14. One should know perfectly the Personality of Godhead, Krsna, known as Consciousness, and His transcendental name, form, qualities and actions, as well as the temporary material creation with its temporary demigods, humans and other sentient beings. When one knows these, one surpasses death and the conditioned cosmic manifestations, and in the eternal kingdom of God enjoys an unconditioned existence of truth, consciousness and bliss.

15. Thou Source, sustainer of all conditioned reality – Your true Face is covered only by your illuminating Light Sphere. Remove your obstructing Light Sphere and be revealed in your Unconditioned essence!

16. Thou Source, original creator-sustainer-destroyer, beyond conditioning, beyond karma, source and end of all true Devotees – Remove the obstructing Light of your Transcendental Being-Body that we might see thy Ultimate Form of Reality. Thou art the Supreme Personality, Consciousness, source of all others!

17. Let this temporary body of karma be reduced to ashes upon the pyre of thy Flames of Reality, and merge with the fullness of that Source that thou art! Source, recall our sacrifices, our renunciation of self and other, that we might not be separated from thee!

18. O Source, powerful as cosmic fire, omnipotent one, now I offer You all obeisances, falling on the ground at your feet. O Source, lead me on the right path to reach You, and since You know all that I have done in the past, free me from the reactions to my past sins so that there will be no hindrance to my progess.


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