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pTruth inspirational letter archive

"pTruth" (Petros-Truth) was an e-mail list that had been in existence between 2000 and 2007. It consisted of simple messages mailed on an irregular basis. Since the creation of the ewakening now blog (above), it has been retired. However, hundreds of archived messages may still be accessed here on this site.

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2. Deepening your Involvement:

Becoming a Client of Petros

Know that help is available. Let Petros help you by forming a special, one-on-one relationship in which you gain regular guidance suited to your unique level of development. Available for a negotiable weekly or monthly donation. Write to xristos @ earthlink . net to find out more.


Real spiritual Work is the active pursuit of the spiritual path in the world. It is truly "meditation in action." It is an antidote to the escapist tendencies of individualistic forms of spirituality all too prevalent in the West these days. Spiritual work involves confronting ordinary reality just like everyone else -- but with the intention and the will to transform it into fuel for real inner growth, while making a real difference in the world.

Some “work ideas” here


Social Consciousness

Growing out of the above idea of karma yoga, we feel that genuine spirituality requires a well-developed social consciousness. Thus, we engage in volunteer efforts wherever needed, often via our sister organization Peoples Mission. All of this social action is not separate from each individual student's own spiritual work; in fact it is essential to it.


Arranging Space

A collection of guidelines by Petros, derived from the principles of Feng Shui and Vaastu Shastra, to help students with preserving their psychic energy in their living arrangements. Click here.


Photos of Petros

Click here for a selection of photos of Petros in meditative states. These may be printed out and freely used for meditation purposes.


Being a Student

Students engage in dialogue with Petros (e-mail or in person), sit in public Gatherings for group discussion, and live their lives dedicated to the principles set out above. Their main dedication is to their continuing transformation.

If you wish to become a student, please contact us with information about your spiritual experiences and goals, special issues that you want addressed, and whatever other information you feel relevant.

If you have a history of psychological conditions, let us know about it. It should be emphasized that this work is primarily spiritual, rather than psychological in nature.

In return for their connection with Petros and this work, students are expected to support the satsangha to the best of their abilities. They are also expected to be responsible in their own daily lives.



You can support the work of Petros in communicating the truth of enlightenment to the world by donating to the sangha. Funds help keep this site in operation and allow Petros to work with individuals across the planet. Checks can be made out to "XTCpl, Inc.," our holding company. If using PayPal, the receiving e-mail address is xtcpl @ earthlink net.




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