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At Mountain Temple Center we continue our dedication to the exploration of and experimentation with all phases of magic, mysticism and mystery, both ancient and modern, with the goal of furthering inner development and human evolution by any means that comes to hand. At Mountain Center we utilize the term “witchcraft” both in its ancient generic sense as referring to all sorts of folk magic, sorcery and spellcasting by whatever name they are called (voudon, brujeria, obeah, etc.) as well as in the modern sense of referring to what has come to be known as Wicca, a more specific strand of the ancient tapestry which tends to borrow heavily from ceremonial magick and Masonry.

An eclectic Neo-Gardnerian Gnostico-Tantric Wicca Coven has been in existence at Mountain Temple since the early 1990s. Uniting several Wiccan traditions, Director Michael J. Crowley was a Third-Degree High Priest of Wicca and had been involved in "The Craft" for over twenty years and initiated or guided hundreds of individuals in the Old Religion. In 1993, Janet and Stewart Farrar enacted a special blessing and empowerment of our ritual Circle during a visit here.

Mountain Temple's current head teacher, Petros, has also been involved in various aspects of Gnostico-Tantric Witchcraft and Vudugnosis for many years.

The image at the top of the page is a Decagram, a combination of an upright (dayside) and inverted (nightside) pentagram, representing Mountain Temple's focus on reconciling and syncretizing a balance between light and dark, conscious and unconscious magickal processes. It is a design received by Petros in vision.

A Basic Ritual

A Full Tantric Wiccan Ritual

Gerald B. Gardner

Alex Sanders

Janet and Stewart Farrar

The Witchcraft: Essay by Jack Parsons

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