Who Are We?

Mountain Temple Center is a provocative, independent and open-minded spiritual work center dedicated to the pursuit of mental and spiritual freedom and adventure. Though situated in the midst of a bustling Western metropolis, its secluded location allows for an informal, home-like atmosphere where sincere people can come for the enjoyment of fellowship with like-minded students of alternative spiritual paths.

For nearly twenty-five years, Mountain Temple Center has been a landmark in the Phoenix occult community for the hosting of classes, rituals and celebratory events in the traditions of Ceremonial Magick, Thelemic Magick, The Golden Dawn, Wicca, Tantra, and more.

Here you can network with knowledgeable people from a variety of backgrounds, and find information and mutual support to help you in the pursuit of your own unique path.

Mountain Temple Center was founded in 1991 by Magus Michael J. Crowley, a lifelong practitioner of magick and traditional spirituality who had been empowered to teach in several lineages by both living and ascended Adepts. He was also head and founder of Mountain Temple Order of the Golden Dawn, chartered by the Israel Regardie Foundation under the auspices and with the full approval of the late Dr. Christopher Hyatt.

The Post-Michael Crowley Era at MTC

On September 19, 2010, Mountain Temple High Magus Michael J. Crowley died peacefully in his sleep. He had just finished overseeing MTC's annual Fall Equinox Gathering. Golden Dawn Initiations were to take place the following night. He passed from this earthly plane during the night. Initiations were cancelled, but later held at the end of October following an official Requiem ceremony.

Michael Crowley's widow, Shari Dee Crowley, is currently Magistrix Templi and Director of Mountain Temple Center.

Since Michael Crowley's death, classes and gatherings have continued at MTC unabated, with the organizational work shared among advanced students in a non-hierarchical manner. Several of Mr. Crowley's newest students, who were just beginning their studies at the time of his death, have since evolved to Adeptship under the guidance of Mr. Crowley's successors.

Further information about upcoming classes and rituals can be found at our events calendar

Contacting Us

Mountain Temple Center is located at 1533 E. Lupine Ave., Phoenix AZ 85020. A map and directions may be found HERE. Our phone number is (602) 678-0644. You may also write us with any questions you may have about our events or the magicko-spiritual path in general at mountaintemple@hotmail.com.

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