Most of the following information is derived from the magnum opus of this system of magick, the Voudon Gnostic Workbook by Michael Bertiaux (Tau Ogoade-Orfeo IV). First published in 1988 and long out of print, this large tome has recently (2007) become available again in a printing from Weiser Books.

As the VGW often provides limited details about the exact processes by which its ritual magick is to be used, the specific guidelines and suggestions below are the suggestions of Petros, an alumnus of Mountain Temple Center. Our newest order, formed for the purpose of engaging and exploring these VGW energies, is the
Famille Ordo Templi Orientis Nouveau (F.O.T.O.N.), and its typho-kaosian subsidiary order, Le Couleuvre Mauve. We are not associated with any other order currently existing on this plane.

From Michael Bertiaux:

“It is necessary to make use of powerful magick in order to summon the Hoodoo Spirits at any time. for they respond only to magick, whether or not it is mental or physical it does not matter except to the student or practitioner. They will come quicker through a good magician using physical methods than through a careless student making use of mental methods only. ... They are not too interested in how you call them to your aid. They are interested only in that you do call upon them to help you.”

“The reason [some people] shut off the powers of Lucky Hoodoo and prefer the negative is because they do not know how to get rid of bad possession for failure and replace it with good possession for success.” (p. 19)

“Becoming higher and higher in the initiations of Hoodoo is based upon concrete and very practical abilities. As you do more so you will be expected to advance more and more along the pathway to divine spirit. You will be asked to understake every new type of work, for the road of initiation is entirely that of daily hard work. The spirits will lead you to various levels of development and they will be responsibile for giving you newer and newer rights and honors.” (p. 35)

“Esoteric voudoo is the science of the orientation of the temple of consciousness, which you must create with your will, mind, and imagination. Esoteric voudoo therefore will be the method which teaches you how to organize your magickal inner experience, using the most suitable symbols, symbols having the most power. The symbols must be evocative of power, they must serve to call it forth from other regions ... other universes and dimensions. It is not enough to say that the symbol is the sign which suggests something mystical. The symbol must be a machine or engine for the generation of magickal power in its own way, not in any way which depends upon the mere mind of the pracitioner.” (p. 38)

Note that in the VGW universe, “Hoodoo” (or HooDoo or Hudu, perhaps a corruption of Haute-Dieu) is seen as an entry-point or preliminary to the more advanced work of vudu (or voudon.) Both of these systems possess similarities to traditionally known Voodoo, but they are a separate and independent system and universe of magick in their own right.

Initial Dedication to the HooDoo Spirits (VGW, p. 2). To be used at one's first entry into the system of vudugnosis or before beginning any major magickal work, such as an extended study of the VGW. May also be renewed annually or whenever one feels the need to rededicate oneself as a result of flagging energies. The basis of serious work in Hudu and Vudu requires the establishment of a contraite (contract) or agreement between the magician and the spirits.

On altar: black candle (N), blue candle (W), glass of pure water (S). Magician stands at the West, facing East.

Medium of Holy Spirits,
The Waters below and beneath all Worlds,
The Holy Spirits of the Dead and the Seas,
I am here to serve You.
I dedicate myself to the service of the spirits,
To the wonderful spirits of those dead ones who seek to help me,
And to those wonderful spirits of wise magicians from under the sea
Who come in strange forms.
I ask the help and presence of the HooDoo spirits,
And I call upon all beings of HooDoo to aid and assist me.
I offer myself to the service of the Great King of the Dead
Who rules over the spirits of the dead.
I offer myself to the service of the Great Master of the Magician Spirits
Who are working under the Invisible Seas.
I honor all of the spirits and especially those of HooDoo science.
These I seek especially to work with now and forever.

Basic Ritual for Gaining from the Hoodoo Spirits (p. 6)

On altar: Yellow candle (N), Blue candle (W), Green candle (S), Red candle (E), Black candle (center.) A glass or cup of pure water in the center. Write your intention upon a small card.

While lighting each candle in order, say the following invocations:

N: Holy Spirit of the Northern Cross of Light, come forth!
W: Holy Spirit of the Western Cross of Light, come forth!
S: Holy Spirit of the Southern Cross of Light, come forth!
E: Holy Spirit of the Eastern Cross of Light, come forth!
Center: Holy Spirits of Lucky HooDoo come to my help and hear me!

Place right palm over the glass of water and invoke:

Medium of Holy Spirits of the waters below and beneath all worlds, the Holy Spirits of the dead and the seas, I am here to serve you.

Look at the intention you have written upon the card, and invoke:

O Light there is no darkness
O Light we are in the presence of endless Light


O spirits of Lucky HooDoo, friends and helpers,
Help me to gain this wish which I have written.
I know that you can help and aid those whom you please.
Here is my gift to you, O spirits of Lucky HooDoo

Offer your power by rubbing your palms together and then holding them towards the alter, palms open.
Drink the water, and put out the candles in the order Black – Red – Green – Blue – Yellow.

End with: And it is done, Holy Spirits of Lucky HooDoo!

Simple Hoodoo Purification and Self-Consecration (p. 20)

Negative forces out!
Bad luck be gone!
Positive powers in!
Lucky Hoodoo spirits be everywhere in my body!
Lucky Hoodoo spirits fill my mind with powerful success!

“With Les Houdeaux the most important matter is the orientation of the temple of the inner power, or the arrangement of the symbolic engines in space-consciousness. ... We are the serviateurs of Les Houdeaux and must make the design of the temple, the cosmic magp of magick, ideally suitable for their work.” (p. 39)

Orientation of the Temple on the astral entails the activation of 8 points-chauds (hot points), or doors of occult energy and magickal consciousness. Establish points by calling out the names as follows:

East -- Mystere Royal Naradana
SE -- Father-Loa Baron Zariguin
South – Ti-Pied-Mille-Fois
SW – Ti-Zariguin
West – Mystere Aditi Mahakali
NW -- Mystere Araignee, La Maman Regne
North -- Les Familee Houdeaux
NE -- Mystere Toile-d'Araignee

“These fuels for projections are very simply the kalas and shaktis, theojas and sexual radioactivites which power all our machines. The ojas (theojas or god-energies) and sexual radioactivites are especially sought after by vampiristic deities, and for this reason the magician must look carefully into the nature of the magickal images used to power the symbols with their own magickal force-fields. By using less-than-horrific spirit-Loas, the magician runs the risk of attracting very negative vampires who need the ojas of the mandals instruments to sustain themselves. These vampires must be distinguished from the positive vampires of time and space-consciousness travel who assit the magician to move into other regions.” (p. 41)

“[The temple space] is constructed of magickal powers. Each symbolic point, and the symbols are your own always, serves as a door which admits by means of an astral conduit the special forces represented by the placement of the symbols and your intention in what you wish these placements to be. ... You will make contact with them by means of will, mind and imagination, so that as the forces come into the mandalum a perfect 8 armed spider system is formed. This is the msot ideal machine for all time and space-consciousness travel and really all of the other systems seem to be built out of this system. You now become a truly magickal spider, a were-spider, who will appear to sit in the midst of your web.” (p. 41)

“The candidate … must open his being to possession by these very dominant spirits … he must become such an object of their desire that they will grant occult powers to him in exchange for his vitality and manhood.”

“These vevers [sigils] are in actual fact pictures of the magickal temples of these Loa ... there is a logical isomorphism between the vever and the inner plane magickal temple of the Loa.”


En face de moi Tau Ogoade Orfeo
Derriere moi Tau Zothyrius
A ma droit Bodhisattva Kammamori
A ma gauche Guedhe-Nibbho
Puissance de Ojas en moi!
Genius a l'Ifa autour de moi!
Mystere a Les Vudu sous moi!
Conscience d'Ambaktu au-dessus moi!

Autour de moi habite le domain Zothyrian
Et sur moi temple briller le Sept Rayons!