Typhonian Order of Templars

Proposed Grade System

(v. 1-22-09)

The Typhonian Order of Templars (TOT) / Kaotik Golden Dawn (KGD) order postulates a system of study Grades that directly reflect and build upon the familiar and commonly imitated system of previous orders such as the Golden Dawn in its various incarnations. Its basic tenet is that of recapitulating the ascending movement of the original system via the backwards or descending path of the other side of the Tree of Life. The purport is to bring into consciousness elements otherwise overlooked in the usual mad rush upwards. Each Grade on the descending path or path of incarnation represents a not-always-exact mirroring of the ascending or discarnational Grades. However, these Grades are set out for purposes of individual experimentation and understanding, not as a form of institutional heirarchy. Thus, it may be best to visualize each step as a point upon the circumference of a Sphere, rather than a rung on a ladder. While they are generally undertaken in order, there need not be an absolutely determined finishing point. Individual magicians will require their own unique emphases, and each will find oneself spending more effort on one or another Grade as his individual karmic and astrological case may require.

The Magical Grades of the TOT / KGD as follows:


01 Neophyte of Earth (Four Elemental Subgrades here, i-ii-iii-iv)

Lunar Veil (Separating Earth from all higher explorations)

02 Initiate Lunar / Adept of the Waxing Moon
03 Initiate Mercurius
04 Initiate of the Morning Star

Solar Veil

05 Adept Solar
06 Adept Martial
07 Adept Jovian

Crosser of the Abyss Ascending

08 Master Saturnus
09 Master Uranian
10 Master Neptunian-Plutonian / Master of the System

Dweller of the Threshold of Ultimate Knowledge


11 Initiate of Duality / Yin-Yang
12 Initiate of Uranius Descending
13 Initiate of Saturnus Descending

Crosser of the Abyss Descending

14 Adept of Dark Jupiter
15 Adept of Dark Mars
16 Adept of the Dark Sun

Dark Solar Veil

17 Master of the Evening Star
18 Master of Red Mercury
19 Master of the Dark Side of the Moon / New Moon / Lilith

Dark Lunar Veil

20 Master of the Interior of the Earth (V.I.T.R.I.O.L.)

Note that on the Ascending path the progression is Initiate – Adept – Master for the three major subdivisions (corresponding to the three suborders of the Order) while for the Descending path the progression seems to be the reverse, but in fact since one is working downward the same trifold division operates.

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