Typhokaosian Banishing and Invoking Rite

Magican should be familiar with basic principles of banishing and invoking prior to use. Study “Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram,” etc. and be familiar with its concepts.

1 Establishing Cross

Note that the italicized comments are for explicatory purposes; only vibrate the terms in all caps.

Head: AIN The Unmanifest

Mouth: IPSOS Gate of Manifestation-Unmanifestation; the Utterer; Gate of Daath

Root Center: APEP Coiled Serpent Generative Power

Right Side: OB

Left Side: OD

2 Elevenfold Star

Make a hexagram followed by a pentagram to the East, South, West and North, following the Lunar or Backwards Path of Atavistic Resurgence.

East: Sobek

Golden crocodile-headed god(dess) with Ankh and Uraeus crown.

South: Sekhmet

Red Lioness-headed goddess of fierceness and purgative fire.

West: Nunet

Deep blue Androgyne god(dess) of primal Waters whose flesh is like the Ocean.

North: Heqet

Frog-headed green goddess seated in black Lotus blossom. Spiritual midwife, inspirer of breath of life.

3 The Lokpala Guardians

These are taken directly from the tradition of Tibetan Vajrayana. Face East.


Boundary-Tradition Protector.” The Guardian King of the East. Ruler of gandharvas (celestial musicians). Wields magic lute.


Seer Hero.” Naga King Guardian of the West. Wields vajra thunderbolt.

To my Right Hand: VIRUDHAKA

Bounty Hero.” Ruler of the South. Wields sword.

To my Left Hand: VAISHRAVANA

God of Wealth.” Rides snow lion and holds banner of victory.


Adamantine Vanquisher of All Obstruction.” Wrathful form of Padmasambhava.

Beneath me: YAMANTAKA

Death Destroyer.” Eight-headed azure deity, the primary head being that of a Bull. He wears a skull garland and holds a skull cup and a flaying knife in two of his 34 arms as he tramples upon eight gods.

For about me flames the Elevenfold Star and upon the column shines Sothis, the Star of Force and Fire.

Repeat Establishing Cross.

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