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The property now known as Mountain Temple Center was originally purchased over thirty years ago by Michael and Shari Crowley as their private Phoenix residence. Though it still serves that purpose, it has also become a major local gathering place for the neopagan and esoteric community. This function began in the early 1990s when Michael Crowley formed a coven for Gardnerian Wicca in his home, cultivating a long standing interest in paganism.

The decade of the 1990s saw a flowering of activity upon "The Mountain," including dozens of pagan gatherings and parties, classes and lectures on esoteric subjects. In 1994, Mountain Center first sponsored an official Golden Dawn temple, which has proven to be its most successful endeavor yet. 1994 also saw the inauguration of the Arizona University of Magick (AUM), which still exists today in the form of a regular lecture series (see our Events page.)

Mountain Center consists of a three-level residence containing a magical/spiritual library of several thousand volumes (one of the largest private libraries of its kind in the Southwest), a large collection of herbs and ointments, a general meeting space/ritual area, and a more secluded Temple chamber above for G.D. and other more sacred ceremonies. Outside is a large walled circle for public gatherings and ceremonies.

Two white wolf hybrids also lived here for many years. There was a male (Wizard) and a female (Storm), who provided a balanced current of lupine energies to generate an aura of protection around the perimeter of the property, discouraging unwanted intruders of animal and human nature. Wizard died in 2014, followed by Storm in 2015, both at an advanced age, but their spirit energy remains.

Mountain Center promotes the exploration of and experimentation in all paths of magic and spirit. Here one will find aspirants pursuing Witchcraft, Gnosticism, Tantra, Chaos Magick, Thelema, and native/folk religions as well. We are an eclectic and syncretic group, exploring all but ever seeking the unity behind apparent divergencies.

For a complete history of Mountain Center, go to Fra. P.X.'s essay, "High Magick's Mountain."

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