The Library at Mountain Temple


Suggested Study Course Outline


Begin with the following introductory material in the order given:

Basic Information for Prospective Members

Portal of Light: General Advice from Aleister Crowley

"Search Yourself": Preliminary Data and Cautions

Use and Keeping of the Magickal Journal

Book of the Balance: More General Instructions

Guidelines for New Initiates by Fra. Petros

Basic G.D. History Lecture by Fra. Sapere Aude

First G.D. Knowledge Lecture

Second G.D. Knowledge Lecture

The Emerald Tablet of Hermes: Principle of all Magic

After becoming familiar with the above material, go on to pursue the following general studies in any order:

General Rituals Index

Kabalah Index

Rosicrucian Index

Alchemy Index

Enochian Index

Typhokaosian Tradition (TOT/KGD-2K9)

Vudugnostic Tradition (F.O.T.O.N. / LCM)

Dyscordian Index

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