Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram (LBRH)


Towards the East.

Qabalistic Cross (Atah - Malkuth - Ve-Geburah - Ve-Gedulah - Le-Olam - AMN)

Arms outstretched: Before me RAPHIEL. Behind me GABRIEL. To my right hand MICHAEL. To my left hand AURIEL. For about me flames the Pentagram and upon the Column stands the Six-Rayed Star of Force and Fire!


Banishing hexagram of Fire in East. ARARITA
Banishing hexagram of Earth in south. ARARITA
Banishing hexagram of Air in West. ARARITA
Banishing hexagram of Water in North. ARARITA


Towards East again and (in Tau cross form):


Yod . . .Nun. . . Resh . . . Yod

Virgo: Isis, mighty Mother!

Scorpio: Apophis, Destroyer!

Sol: Osiris, Slain and Risen!

Isis . . . Apophis . . . Osiris: IIIIIAAAAOOOO!


The Sign of Osiris Slain. ("X")

The Sign of the Mourning of Isis. (svastika)

The Sign of Typhon and Apophis. ("V")

The Sign of Osiris Risen. ("T")

L. . .V . . .X: Lux, the Light of the Cross!


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