Bringing Down the Light of the Golden Dawn:

The Middle Pillar Ritual

A powerful energy-invoking exercise used to bring down the Light of the Golden Dawn, the vivifying Light of our Order, into the body of the Initiate. Once the Light has been installed in the Heart (point 9 below), it may effectively be channelled outward as healing and transformative energy. When used in this fashion, the Golden Dawn Light that has been installed in the Heart center in point 9 is channelled through the palm of the hand as a pure white Ray of force, towards whatever object is intended as recipient.

This exercise stands by itself as an energy focusing work, and may be utilized by any Initiate on a regular basis -- and certainly ought to be activated before attempting any transmittal of healing energy. It may also be done as part of a longer ritual process, such as following the LBRP and the Rose+Cross Rite, in that order. In this way, the LBRP clears and purifies your space; the Rose+Cross establishes a clear white background upon which to work.


1. Stand in the Temple (or other location) facing West. (This is because you are taken to be standing in the East, source of the Light of the Golden Dawn as it manifests on the Earth plane.) Arms are stretched out straight to both sides. On your right (the North) is the Black Pillar of Severity; on your left (the South) is the White Pillar of Mercy. You stand in between as the Middle Pillar of Balance.

2. A blindingly brilliant white light, the Light of the Infinite Self (Ain Soph Aur) originates far above your head, coming from the Crown. (Saharshra).

3. The light descends to the top of your forehead, forming a sphere the size of your head. Vibrate, strongly: EH-EI-EH ("I AM")

4. When this is felt strongly, allow the light to descend to the Daath center (throat chakkra).) Vibrate: YHVH ELOHIM (I Am the Mighty One of God.)

5. Allow the Light to descend further to the heart center (Tiphareth/Anahatta chakra). Vibrate: YHVH ELOAH VE-DAATH. (I Am the Lord of Knowledge.)

6. Allow the Light to descend through the Solar Plexus, down to the Svadisthana Chakra (generational center) at Yesod. Vibrate: SHADDAI EL-CHAI (Lord of Life.)

7. Allow the Light to descend further, through the Muladhara Chakra (root center) and all the way down to the earth, gaining density as it progresses. Vibrate: ADNI HA-ARETZ (Lord of the Earth.)

8. The Light of the Golden Dawn now surrounds the whole body of the Initiate.

9. Allow it to ascend back up to center it in the Heart, where it becomes established in fullness.

10. From this Center the Light may be channelled as a healing energy, through the palm of the right hand, as a white ray of force aimed at an object. The Light may also be established in the Heart and utilized as a catalyst for meditative states and visions, if it is meant to be so.

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