Index to Rituals on the Mountain Temple Site

All rituals involve specific movements and gestures of the body combined with archetypally significant power words, which when properly and consciously performed actually generate an inner energy for purposes of personal transformation. This is effected by the fact that such gestures and words alter one's standard conditioned view of the universe and of reality, enabling one to see through the "cracks" in the world as given into a vaster cosmos.

The rituals provided here, especially the individual rituals, are some of the most important and fundamental in the path of the Golden Dawn. It is crucial that these be studied in depth and performed repeatedly with full intention, awareness and proficiency in order to gain the benefits of each.


Individual Rituals for Conciousness Transformation:

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram

The Rose Cross

The Middle Pillar

Adorations of the Sun

Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram

Tree of Life Ritual

Adoration to the Source of the Universe

Preparations for Invocation of Holy Guardian Angel (Liber VIII)

Modified Bornless Invocation and H.G.A. Ritual (Liber 800PX)

Revised Exorcism of Honorius

Augoeides (H.G.A.) Invocation

Elemental Grades of the Golden Dawn in Brief