Lesson QBL-1: Basic Axioms
Suited for All Grade Levels

by Fra. Petros Xristos Magister (8=3)

QBL = Qabalah = Qoph Beth Lamed = 100 + 2 + 30 = 132 = 12 x 11 (12, number of the Zodiac, by extension the Universe, times the number of Magick, 11.)

Primary reference works for our purposes: Crowley's
777; Dion Fortune's The Mystical Qabalah; Westcott's (or other's) translation of the Sepher Yetzirah; Mathers' The Kabalah Unveiled. Others as needed.



1. The Qabalah is based upon a numerical conception of the Universe.

2. It is a method for reducing all observed experiences to a numerical base. The purpose is to aid the attainment of the Student by linking various experiences (material and spiritual) to a common thread.
3. Though arguably arbitrary, the basics of the Qabalah should be memorized as one memorizes an alphabet in order to communicate with others.
4. The Tree of Life (10 Sephira) is also an emblem of the Initiate's progress from material darkness to the Light of Truth.
5. Meanings of the Qabalah are infinitely expandable and are limited only by the imagination and level of attainment of the student.
6. The Tree of Life, as symbolic of the Universe, begins from an infitesimal point, Kether (1), which sets into action a response, Chokmah (2), and equilibrates into a synthesis, Binah (3). From this Supernal Triad follows the remainder of the Tree and the lower Spheres.
7. The concept of a Fall and Redemption, though standard in the Golden Dawn tradition, is
not inevitable nor absolutely necessary to an understanding of the Qabalah, nor to one's individual progress and spiritual development. The higher implications of this consideration are a matter for Inner Order work.
8. The Veil of the Abyss separates the Supernal Triad (1-2-3) from the remainder of the Tree. It is the task of the Exempt Adept to cross this Abyss in the process of attaining to Mastery.
9. The most critical Sphere is that of Tiphareth (6), the Heart-Center ofthe entire Tree, balanced both vertically and horizontally. It possesses the most Paths of any Sphere (eight), and is the only direct link from the lower worlds to the Highest, Kether. It represents the task of the Adept Minor, and is the goal of all Outer Order Initiates, though few will attain to it in this incarnation. Spiritually it stands for one who has experienced an awakening of Heart against the materialistic philosophies of mundane life.
10. Malkuth, the final Sphere (10), represents the material world and is the lowest crystallization of the energy of the Universe. Spiritually it represents the naive materialistic viewpoint or philosophy. It is the natural starting-place of all students of spirituality, and the gateway to Initiation.

11. The entire Tree is enveloped and encompassed by the Veils of the Void, the triple veil of Not, i.e. Ain (Not), Ain Soph, and Ain Soph Aur. All symbolize Boundlessness and the Unmannifest in its various guises. These are not part of the Tree; the Tree exists in the Void, not the other way round. From the Unmanifest all Manifestation arises. The hidden sephira of Daath (Gnosis) is the secret gateway to the Unmanifest.

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