The Divine and Archangelic Rulers of the Sephiroth


Keeping in mind the previous page in which the Four Worlds or Levels of Reality were explicated, what follows is a listing of the Entities which govern or typify each Sephiroth for each of the Levels in turn (Atzilutic, Briatic, Yetziratic.) The Entities of the Sephiroth of Yetzirah (various orders of angels) and Assiah (mainly planetary governors) will be dealt with separately at a later point.

Remember that as you go down the list the progression is from abstraction toward concrete manifestation.


1 AHIH (I Am). This is the literal Hebrew transliteration of the four letters of this Name (Aleph-Heh-Yod-Heh) and is analogous to the Y-H-V-H with reference to the Four Principles (Fire-Water-Air-Earth) or the forces of Initiation - Reflection - Modification - Stabilization.

2 YH (To Be.) The Lord. Powerful initial motive force.

3 YHVH ELHIM (Lord God.) Modified male/female motive force.

4 EL (God or Mighty One.) Father God, a more concrete and accessible manifestation of YH. Jovian.

5 ELHIM GBIR (Powerful God.) God of Warfare, especially spiritual and inner warfare. Martial.

6 YHVH ELVH V-DAAT (Lord God of Knowledge.) Radiant deity of harmonious Knowledge; also ruler of Holy Guardian Angel and heart-center. Solar.

7 YHVH TZABATH (Lord of Hosts) Venusian/emotive.

8 ELHIM TZABATH (God of Hosts) Mercurial/intellectual.

9 ShDI EL ChI (Almighty God of the Life-force).

10 ADNI HARETZ (Lord of Earth). Divine manifestation for the material plane though emanating from the Atzilutic world.




1 METATRON (The One Near to the Throne of God). Perhaps an exalted form of Enoch. Original transmitter of the Kabalah from God to humans.

2 RAZIEL (Herald of the Mysteries God.) Patron of Initiatic mysteries.

3 TzAPHQIEL (Reflector of God.) Patroness of Initiatory brotherhoods and temple ritual.

4 TzADQIEL (Righteousness of God.)

5 KHAMAEL (Severe Avenger of God.)

6 RAPHAEL (Healer of God.) Patron of hermeticism in general, which includes our Order, but especially of the Order R+C due to his association with Tiphareth.

7 HANIEL (Beauty of God.) Representative of emotional aspects of the divine.

8 MICHAEL (Like Unto God.) Representative of intellectual aspects of the divine.

9 GABRIEL (Strength of God.) A divine messenger; patron of psychic abilities, intuition, and visions and revelations.

10 SANDALPHON (Sound [phon] and Light [san] of God [al] on Earth.) Complement of Metatron.


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