Selections from the

Sefer ha-Zohar: The Book of the Splendor of God


Every single day, a ray of that light shines into the world and keeps everything alive, for with that ray the Holy Unseen One feeds the world. Since the first day, it has never been fully revealed, but it plays a vital role in the world, renewing every day the act of Creation.
It is all one mystery. Come and see: the Blessed Holy One has ascended in glory. He is hidden, concealed, far beyond. There is no one in the world, nor has there ever been, who can understand His wisdom or withstand Him. He is hidden, concealed, transcendent, beyond, beyond. Indeed, He is known in the gates. He is known and grasped to the degree that one opens the gates of imagination. The capacity to connect with the spirit of wisdom, to imagine in one's heart; that is how God becomes known. Then we see that there is opening within opening, level beyond level, and through these the Glory of God becomes known...
"The opening of the tent" is the opening of Righteousness, as the Psalmist says: "Open for me the gates of righteousness..." (Psalms 118:19). This is the first opening to enter. Through this opening, all other high openings come into view. One who attains the clarity of this opening discovers all the other openings, for all of them abide here.
You cannot have a dream that does not reflect both this side and that. A dream needs a good interpretation. There are levels upon levels within the mystery of a dream, all within the mystery of wisdom. Now come and see: Dream is one level, vision is one level, prophecy is one level. All are levels within levels, one above the other.
Rabbi Judah opened and said: "'Listen, you deaf ones! You blind ones, look up and see!' (Isaiah 42:18). 'Listen, you deaf ones!' you human beings who do not hear Torah (Eternal Law) speaking, who do not open your ears to let in the commands of your Master. 'You blind ones' who do not examine your own foundations, who do not seek to know why you are alive! Every single day a herald comes forth and proclaims but no one hears his message!"
All human food comes from above. The food that comes from heaven and earth is for the whole world. It is food for all; it is coarse and dense. The food that comes from higher above is finer food, coming from the sphere where Judgment is found. That is the food that Israel ate when they went out of Egypt. The food found by Israel that time in the desert from the higher sphere called Heaven-- it is an even finer food, entering deepest of all into the soul, detached from the body, called "angel bread." The highest food of all is the food of the initiated, those who engage the Teachings. For they eat food of the spirit and the soul-breath; they eat no food for the body at all. Rather, from a high sphere, precious beyond all: Wisdom.
Infinity does not abide being known, does not produce end or beginning. Primordial Nothingness brought forth Beginning and End. Who is Beginning? The highest point, beginning of all, the concealed one abiding in thought. And It produces End, "the end of the matter." But there, no end. No desires, no lights, no sparks in that Infinity. All these lights and sparks are dependent on It but cannot comprehend. The only one who knows, yet without knowing, is the highest desire, concealed of all concealed, Nothingness. And when the highest point and the world that is coming ascend, they know only the aroma, as one inhaling an aroma is sweetened.

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