The Kabalah

Note on spelling: There are multiple variations on the English transliteration of the Hebrew word, which has its root in the three Hebrew letters QBL (Qoph Beth Lamed = 132 = 12 x 11, the number of the Zodiac multiplied by the number of Magic). The above spelling has been chosen for simplicity as well as its numerical correspondences. It begins with "K,” the eleventh letter of the English alphabet, eleven being symbolic of magic. It also consists of seven letters, seven being related to the number of classical planets in astrology and thus encompassing a microcosm. Its total enumeration (20+1+2+1+30+1+5) is 60.


General Introduction to the Kabalah by Colin Low

The Book of Formation (Sepher Yetzirah) Westcott translation

Selections from the Book of Splendor (Sepher Zohar)

Lesson QBL-1 by Fra. Petros Xristos

Lesson QBL-2 by Fra. Petros Xristos

The Four Worlds and Ten Heavens

Divine and Archangelic Names

The Shem Ha-Mephoresh (Seventy-Two Names of Deity)

Light, Chaos and Redemption: The Kabalah of Isaac Luria