Preface to the


(Revelation of the Brotherhood of the Rose and Cross, Priesthood of the Golden Day)


With parenthetical explications and headings by

Fra. Petros Xristos (7=4)

(c) MM


To the Wise (8=3) and Understanding (9=2) Reader.

(Though made available to all Initiates)


Wisdom a Treasure, and Spirit of Truth flowing from on High

1 Wisdom (Binah), saith Solomon (Wise King), is to a man an infinite Treasure, for she is the breath (Ruach = Spirit) of the Power of God, and a pure influence that floweth from the Glory of the Almighty.


Wisdom the reflection of Truth and Light

2 She is the brightness of Eternal Light, an undefiled mirror of the majesty of God, and the Image of his Goodness.


Wisdom brings Practical Virtues

3 She teacheth us Soberness and Prudence, Righteousness and Strength; she knows the subtilties of Words and the solution of Dark Sentences.


Wisdom brings powers of Clairvoyance

4 She foresees the Signs and Wonders, and what shall happen in time to come.


Wisdom first given to Adam (Earthly Man) in Endowment

5 With this treasure was our first Father Adam fully endowed.


Man of Earth imparts Names (true natures) of Creatures (lower selves) and Fowls (thoughts.)

6 Hence it doth appear, that after God had brought before him all the Creatures of the field, and the Fowls under Heaven, he gave to every one of them their proper Names, according to their nature.


Man loses image of Higher Self through Inattention (fall = looking down); death comes (sin).

7 Although now through the sorrowful Fall into Sin this excellent jewel Wisdom hath been lost, and mere Darkness and Ignorance is come into the World, yet notwithstanding hath the Lord God hitherto bestowed and made manifest the same, to some of his friends:


How Solomon attained unto Adeptship and beyond, and its nature

8 For the wise King Solomon doth testify of himself, that he upon earnest Prayer (spiritual Work) and Desire (Will) did get and obtain such Wisdom of God, that thereby he knew how the World was made, thereby he understood the Nature of the Elements, also the time, Beginning, Middle and End, the increase and decrease, the change of seasons, the course of the year, and the situation of the stars;


More on this theme

9 He understood also the nature of beasts, the power of the winds, and minds and intents of men, the diversities of plants and virtues of roots, and other things were not unknown to him.

10 Now I do not think that there can be found any one who would not wish and desire with all his heart to be a partaker of this noble Treasure.

11 But seeing the same felicity can happen to none, except God himself give Wisdom, and send his holy Spirit from above, we have therefore set forth in print this little Treatise, to wit, Fama & Confessio, of the Laudable Fraternity of the Roe Cross, to be read by every one, because in them is clearly shown and discovered, what concerning it the world hath hereafter to expect.

12 Although these things may seem somewhat strange, and many may esteem it to be but a philosophical show, and no true history, which is published and spoken of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross.

13 It shall therefore appear by our Confession, that there is more in recessu then may be imagined; and it shall also be easily understood, and observed by every one (if he be not altogether void of Understanding) what nowadays at these times is meant thereby.

14 Those who are true disciples of Wisdom, and true Followers of the Spherical Art (Magick), will consider better of these things, and have them in greater estimation, as also judge fot other ways of them.


True and false "Jesuits" (Yeshua devotees = Initiates of YHShVH = Spirit of I AM in us)

15 As hath been done by some principal persons, but especially of Adam Haselmeyer, Notarius Publicus of his R.H. Duke Maximilian, who likewise hath made an extract ex scriptis Theologicis Theophrasti, and written a treatise under the title of "Jesuiter," wherein he willed that every Christian should be a True Jesuit, that is, to walk, live, be, and remain in Jesus (the Perfected Man).

16 He was but ill rewarded of the (false) Jesuits, because in his answer written upon the Fama, he did name those of the Fraternity of the Rose Cross.

17 The highly Illuminated men, and undeceiving Jesuits, for they not able to brook this, laid hands on him, and put him into the Galleys (physical and spiritual imprisonment or stasis).

18 For which likewise they have to expect their reward.


Coming of Golden Dawn (Aurora) and end of Night of Saturn (materialist ignorance) and Luna (sterile teachings); note that the Dawn is a forerunner of Day.

19 Blessed Aurora will now henceforth begin to appear, who (after the passing away of the dark night of Saturn) with her brightness altogether extinguished the shining of the Moon, or the small sparks of the heavenly Wisdom which yet remains with men, and is a forerunner of pleasant Phoebus, who with his clear and fiery glistering beams brings forth that blessed Day, long wished for of many true-hearted.


Coming Day of Truth (Initiation) to reveal Hidden (Interior) treasures

20 By which Day-Light then shall truly be known and seen all heavenly Treasures of Godly Wisdom, as also the secrets of all hidden and Invisible things in the world, according to the Doctrine of our Forefathers, and ancient Wisemen.


Ruby Day (= the Rose Cross) to bring Healing and Transformation (Enlightenment)

21 This will be the right kingly Ruby, and most excellent shining Carbuncle, of the which it is said, that he doth shine and give Light in Darkness, and to be a perfect Medicine of all imperfect bodies, and to change them into the best Gold, and to cure all diseases of men, easing them of all their pains and miseries.


Closing Admonition

22 Be therefore gentle Reader admonished, that with me you do earnestly pray to God, that it please him to open the Hearts and Ears of all ill-hearing people (uninitiates), and to grant unto them his blessing, that they may be able to know him in his Omnipotency, with admiring contemplation of Nature, to his honour and praise, and to the love, help, comfort and strengthening of our neighbors, and to the restoring of health of all the diseased.