Enochian Study Papers at Mountain Temple Center

The Angelic Calls

These eighteen Keys (or Calls) were channelled to Dee by the “Angels” or extraterrestrial intelligences and are intended for use with the entire Enochian system as a whole, but may also stand alone as powerful prayers or ritual invocations.

They are to be used wisely and cautiously, with an attitude of reverence appropriate for approaching a mighty Force. In the interests of magical discretion, we have only provided the English version of the Calls.


The First Key

I reign over you, sayeth the God of Justice,
in Power exalted above the firmaments of Wrath
In whose hands the Sun is as a sword,
And the Moon as a through-thrusting fire
Who measureth your garments in the midst of my vestures,
And trusseth you together as the palms of my hands
Whose seats I garnisheth with the Fire of Gathering,
And beautifed your garments with admiration.
To whom I made a law to govern the Holy Ones,
And delivered you a Rod with the Ark of Knowledge.
Moreover, you lifted up your voices
And swore obedience and faith
To him that liveth and triumpeth,
Whose beginning is Not, nor End cannot be,
Who shineth as a flame in the midst of your Palace,
And reigneth amongst you as the Balance of Righteousness and Truth.
Move, therefore, and show yourselves:
Open the Mysteries of your Creation:
Be friendly unto me, for I am the servant of the same, your God,
The true worshipper of the Highest


The Second Key

Can the wings of the windes vnderstand yor voyces of wunder, O you
the second of the first, whome the burning flames haue framed within
the depth of my Iaws; whome I haue prepared as Cupps for a Wedding, or
as the flowres in their beawty for the Chamber of righteousnes.
Stronger are your fete then the barren stone, and mightier are your
voices then the manifold windes. For you are become a buylding such
as is not, but in the mynde of the All powrefull. Arrise, sayth the
First: Move therfore vnto his Servants: Shew your selues in powre:
And make me a strong Seething: for I am of him that liueth for euer.


The Third Key

Behold, sayeth your god, I am a Circle on whose hands stand 12
Kingdoms: Sis are the seats of Liuing Breath: the rest are as sharp
sickles or the horns of death, wherein the Creatures of ye earth are to
are not, except myne own hand which slepe and shall ryse. In the first
I made you Stuards and placed you in seats 12 of government. giving
vnto euery one of you powre successively ouer 456, the true ages of
tyme: to the intent that from ye highest vessells and the corners of
your governments you might work my powre, powring downe the fires of
life and encrease continually on the earth: Thus you are become the
skirts of Iustice and Truth. In the Name of the same your God, lift
vp, I say, your selues. Behold his mercies florish and Name is become
mighty amongst vs. In whome we say: Moue, Descend, and apply your
selues vnto vs, as vnto the partakers of the Secret Wisdome of your


The Fourth Key

I haue set my fete in the sowth and haue loked abowt me, saying, are
not the Thunders of encrease numbred 33 which raigne in the Second
Angle? vnder whome I haue placed 9639 whome none hath yet numbred but
one, in whome the second beginning of things are and wax strong, which
allso successively are the number of time: and their powres are as
the first 456. Arrise, you Sonns of pleasure, and viset the earth:
for I am the Lord your God which is, and liueth. In the name of the
Creator, Move and shew yourselues as pleasant deliuerers, That you may
praise him amongst the sonnes of men.


The Fifth Key

The mighty sownds haue entred in ye 3th Angle and are become as
oliues in ye oliue mownt, looking wth gladnes vppon the earth and
dwelling in the brightnes of the heuens as contynuall cumforters. vnto
whome I fastened pillers of gladnes 19 and gaue them vessels to water
the earth wth her creatures: and they are the brothers of the first
and second and the beginning of their own sea[ts] which [are garnished
with continually burning lamps] 69636 whose numbers are as the first,
the endes, and ye contents of tyme. Therfore come you and obey your
creation: viset vs in peace and cumfort: Conclude vs as receiuers of
yor mysteries: for why? Our Lord and Mr is all One.


The Sixth Key

The spirits of ye 4th Angle are Nine, Mighty in the firmament of
waters: whome the first hath planted a torment to the wicked and a
garland to the righteous: [g]iving vnto them fyrie darts to vanne the
earth and 7699 continuall Workmen whose courses viset with cumfort the
earth and are in government and contynuance as the second and the
third. Wherfore harken vnto my voyce: I haue talked of you and I move
you in powre and presence: whose Works shalbe a song of honor and the
praise of your God in your Creation.


The Seventh Key

The East is a howse of virgins singing praises amongst the flames of
first glory wherein the Lord hath opened his mowth: and they are
become 28 liuing dwellings in whome the strength of man reioyseth, and
they are apparailed wth ornaments of brightnes such as work wunders on
all creatures. Whose Kingdomes and continuance are as the Third and
Fowrth Strong Towres and places of cumfort, The seats of Mercy and
Continuance. O you Servants of Mercy: Moue, Appeare: sing prayses
vnto the Creator and be mighty amongst vs. For to this remembrance is
given powre and our strength waxeth strong in our Cumforter.


The Eighth Key

The Midday, the first, is as the third heaven made of Hiacynet
Pillers 26: in whome the Elders are become strong wch I haue prepared
for my own righteousnes sayth the Lord: whose long contynuance shall
be as bucklers to the stowping Dragon and like vnto the haruest of a
Wyddow. How many ar there which remayn in the glorie of the earth,
which are, and shall not see death, vntyll this howse fall and the
Dragon synck? Come away, for the Thunders haue spoken: Come away, for
the Crownes of the Temple and the coat of him that is, was, and shalbe
crowned, are diuided. Come, appeare to the terror of the earth and to
our comfort and of such as are prepared.


The Ninth Key

A mighty garde of fire wth two edged swords flaming (which haue Viols
8 of Wrath for two tymes and a half: whose wings are of wormwood and
of the marrow of salt,) haue stled their feete in the West and are
measured with their Ministers 9996. These gather vp the moss of the
earth as the rich man doth his threasor: cursed ar they whose
iniquities they are in their eyes are milstones greater then the earth,
and from their mowthes rune seas of blud: their heds are covered with
diamond, and vppon their heds are marble sleus.* Happie is he on whome
they frown not. For why? The God of righteousnes reioyseth in them!
Come away, and not your Viols, for the tyme is such as requireth


The Tenth Key

The Thunders of Iudgment and Wrath are numbred and are haborowed in
the North in the likenes of an oke, whose branches are Nests 22 of
Lamentation and Weaping layd vp for the earth, which burn night and
day: and vomit out the heds of scorpions and live sulphur myngled with
poyson. These be the Thunders that 5678 tymes in ye 24th part of a
moment rore [with a hundred mighty earthquakes and a thousand] tymes as
many surges. which rest not neyther know any echoing
tyme here. One rock bringeth furth 1000, as the hart of man doth
his thowghts. Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, Wo, yea Wo be to the earth! For her
iniquitie is, was and shalbe great! Come awaye: but not your noyses.


The Eleventh Key

The Mighty Seat groaned and they were 5 thunders which flew into the
East: and the Egle spake and cryed wth a lowde voyce, Come awaye:
[and they gathered themselues together and became] the howse of death
of whome it is measured and it is as they are, whose number is 31.
Come away, for I haue prepared for you. Moue therfore, and shew your
selues: open the Mysteries of your Creation: be frendely vnto me:
for I am the servant of ye same yor God, the true wurshipper of the


The Twelfth Key

O you that rayng in the Sowth and are 28, The Lanterns of Sorrow,
bynde vp yor girdles and viset vs. Bring down your trayn 3663 that the
Lord may be magnified, whose name amongst you is Wrath. Moue, I say,
and shew yor selues: open ye Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely
vnto me: for I am the servant of the same yor God, the true wurshipper
of the Highest.


The Thirteenth Key

O you swords of the Sowth which haue 42 eyes to styr vp the wrath of
synn, making men drunken which are empty. Behold the promise of God
and his powre which is called amongst you a Bitter Sting. Moue and
shew your selues: open the Mysteryes of yor Creation: be frendly vnto
me: for I am the servant of ye same yor God, the true wurshipper of
the Highest.


The Fourteenth Key

O you sonns of fury, the dowghters of the lust, which sit vppon 24
seats, vexing all creatures of the earth with age, which haue vnder
you 1636: behold the Voyce of God, the promys of him which is called
amongst you Furye or Extreme Iustice. Moue and shew yor selues: open
the Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely vnto me: for I am the
servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of the Highest.


The Fifteenth Key

O thow the governor of the first flame vnder whose wyngs are 6739
which weaue the earth wth drynes: which knowest the great name
Righteousnes and the Seale of Honor. Moue and shew yor selues: open
the Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely vnto me: for I am the
servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of the High[e]st.


The Sixteenth Key

O thow second flame, the howse of Iustice, which hast thy begynning
in glory and shalt cumfort the iust: which walkest on the eart[h] with
feete 8763 that vnderstand and separate creatures: great art thow in
the God of Stretch Furth and Conquere. Moue and shew yor selues: open
the Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely vnto me: for I am the
servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of the Highest.


The Seventeenth Key

O thow third flame whose whose wyngs are thorns to styr vp vexation
and hast 7336 Lamps Liuing going before the[e], whose God is Wrath in
Angre, gyrd vp thy loynes and harken. Moue and shew yor selues: open
the Mysteries of yor Creation: be frendely vnto me: for I am the
servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of the Highest.


The Eighteenth Key

O thow mighty Light and burning flame of cumfort which openest the
glory of God to the center of the erth, in whome the Secrets of Truth
6332 haue their abiding, which is called in thy kingdome Ioye and not
to be measured: be thow a wyndow of cumfort vnto me. Moue and shew
your selues: open the Mysteries of your Creation: be frendely vnto
me: for I am the servant of the same your God, the true wurshipper of
the Highest.


The Call or Key of the
Thirty Aethyrs

O you heuens which dwell in the First Ayre, the mightie in the partes
of the Erth, and execute the Iudgment of the Highest! To you it is
sayd, Beholde the face of your God, the begynning of cumfort, whose
eyes are the brightnes of the hevens: which prouided you for the
gouernment of the Erth and her vnspeakable varietie, furnishing you
wth a powr vnderstand to dispose all things according to the providence
of Him that sitteth on the Holy Throne, and rose vp in the begynning,
saying: the Earth let her be gouerned by her parts and let there be
diuision in her, that the glory of hir may be allwayes drunken and
vexed in it self. Her course, let it ronne wth the hevens, and as a
handmayd let her serve them. One season let it confownd an other, and
let there be no creature vppon or within her the same: all her members
let them differ in their qualities, and let there be no one creature
aequall wth an other: the reasonable Creatures of the Erth let them
vex and weede out one an other, and the dwelling places let them forget
thier names: the work of man, and his pomp, let them be defaced: his
buyldings let them become caves for the beasts of the feeld. Confownd
her vnderstanding with darknes. For why? It repenteth me I made Man.
One while let her be known and an other while a stranger: bycause she
is the bed of a Harlot, and the dwelling place of Him that is Faln. O
you heuens arrise: the lower heuens vnder neath you, let them serve
you! Gouern those that govern: cast down such as fall! Bring furth
with those that encrease, and destroy the rotten! No place let it
remayne in one number: ad and diminish vntill the stars be numbred!
Arrise, Move, and Appere before the Couenant of his mowth, which he
hath sworne vnto vs in his Iustice. Open the Mysteries of your
Creation: and make vs partakers of Vndefyled Knowledg.