Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt

Dr. Hyatt was a world-famous author on the occult, having published many books on a wide variety of topics in the realm of esoterica, occult, pop psychology and self-transformation. Extensive university training in experimental psychology, field-tested by his work as a psychotherapist and hypnotist helped make Dr. Hyatt well prepared for his later career as a smasher of icons and people's personal limitations both through his controversial books and his catalytic personality. Like other “crazy-wisdom” teachers such as Aleister Crowley, Chogyam Trungpa, or Carlos Castaneda, Hyatt's determination to probe into the depths of the human mind beyond social conditioning compelled him to frequently violate norms of politeness and “consensus reality.”

This focus on penetrating past societal norms into the core of the psyche by means of processes combining occult techniques and modern psychological theories later manifested in a system he called radical undoing. His efforts to spread this meme/paradigm of self-transformation led him to found a publishing company dedicated to publishing authors of like mind, such as Timothy Leary and Robert Anton Wilson. This publishing company, New Falcon Press, is still going strong. (Visit them at www.originalfalcon.com.)

Dr. Hyatt first met Israel Regardie in Los Angeles in the early 1970s; through Regardie, Hyatt was initiated into the Golden Dawn tradition. He later became head of the Thelemic Golden Dawn for a brief period prior to establishing his own Golden Dawn lineage, with his own unique modifications and modernizations, in Scottsdale Arizona.

Dr. Hyatt was a long-time mentor of Mountain Temple Center director Michael Crowley, and initiated Mr. Crowley into the higher Grades of the Order before his death in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2008 at the relatively young age of 64.

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