Janet (Owen) Farrar (1950- ) and Stewart Farrar (1916-2000) were both initiated into the craft of Wicca by the wife of Alexander Sanders at Sanders' original London coven in the 1960s. They came from English / Irish / Scots ancestry and lived in London during the early part of their lives, Janet as an office worker and Stewart as a journalist. It was at a 1969 press showing of the film Legend of the Witches (for which Alex Sanders had worked as a technical and historical advisor) that Stewart Farrar met Sanders. Farrar, being a good journalist, was initially sceptical, but he was also open-minded and curious enough to want to investigate witchcraft further. He began attending Sanders' London coven classes and was soon initiated.

This was not the only change to his life that the fateful meeting brought, for it was in that coven shortly thereafter that Stewart met Janet. Eventually both of them had attained the Third Degree (the highest grade level in Sanders' coven). About two years later, Stewart and Janet had formed their own coven. In the mid-1970s they moved operations to Ireland where they spread their style of wicca which by now had evolved away from Sanders' style and developed its own individual flavor.

Over the years the Farrars authored several well-known and very accessible books about the craft as they interpreted it, including Eight Sabbats for Witches (1981) and the well-known Witches' Bible Complete (1984), both of which have gained large followings among covens across the English-speaking world.

In 1993, around Beltane, Janet and Stewart Farrar visited Mountain Temple Center during a U.S. tour and met with Michael Crowley and a select group of invited members of the Phoenix pagan community. While here, they enacted a special blessing and empowerment of Mountain Temple's ritual circle.

Stewart Farrar passed to the Other Side in the year 2000 at the respectable age of 84. In May of 2001 Janet married Gavin Bone, a long-time associate and Wiccan High Priest familiar with several different traditions. They continue to practice their craft.

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