When flying with Real Weather, how does X-Plane determine what weather applies to where you're flying?

An answer from Nick Young:
It varies, since METAR reports are centred on individual reporting stations, and X-Plane uses only reporting stations that are also airports, in fact X-Plane applies the METAR  of the airport nearest to your aircraft at any time.

Therefore, in X-Plane a METAR report extends from the airport reporting that METAR to  halfway to the next airport for which there is a METAR. This could be different  distances in each direction!

If there is only one airport with a weather report on the local map then the METAR for that  airport covers the whole map.

If there is no airport with weather report on the local map, then the last METAR will be  used. When X-Plane moves you into a DSF that does have an airport with METAR then it  will update the weather.

How can I apply Real Weather to long distance flights where there are no airports (like over the Pacific ocean)?

I don't think the weather system built into X-Plane will meet your need to have real world  weather throughout your trans-Pacific flight. You would be wise to get weather  updates from another source and change the weather settings to match it as you fly.

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