Installing a Mini-Update

Can I use the mini-update? How do I install it?

Caution! Terminology changes over time. Examine the mini-update carefully and determine how to install it. Its structure may or may not match the following description. It is assumed that you know how to deal with files and folders on your system.

Mini-updates have come in a couple of different forms. Sometimes, only a few files have changed. An archive containing just the changed files (typically the X-Plane app only) is called a micro-update. A mini-update typically contains changed files and folders which you must merge in to your existing X-Plane version. Some mini-updates supply all the files except the airplanes.

The micro-update is typically a few megabytes. You can use the micro-update ONLY if you're running the immediately preceding version. Micro-updates are not cumulative; if you miss one you may be missing a new file needed by later versions. So if you want to use micro-updates, you have to watch the X-Plane download site carefully and grab every one.

The mini-update is a compressed archive of a set of files and folders. Reading the installation instructions is critical, because the installation method varies from update to update. Typically, you will see files and folders with names corresponding to those in your existing X-Plane install. Each of these replaces the old file or folder of the corresponding name. If you installed your previous version with an installer (you'll get this with the Windows retail versions), you'll have a set of shortcuts on your desktop or Start menu that point to the old version. Delete these, and if you like, replace them with shortcuts to the new executables.

Sometimes you'll see folders named something like "For xxx Folder". In each such folder, you'll find the files that are to go into the xxx folder of the X-Plane directory tree. The files may be new or they may be replacements for existing files. Sometimes you'll find sub-folders. If they're named "For xxx folder", open them up and move the individual files. If they have other names (matching the names of existing folders or new names) they are entire new or replacement folders; just move them in their entirety.

Where you're replacing files or folders, you might find it prudent to rename the old files to names like xxx - 5.54. That way they'll be around in case you decide to back off to the old version.

A mini-update that is complete except for the planes typically has "no planes" in its name. It is normally about 25MB. You can install the planeless update update even if you've missed a couple of updates, as long as your current version has compatible planes. Simply expand the archive to a new folder tree, and then move over the entire Planes folder from your previous version. (Check for a small Planes folder in the new download. There might be a new plane or two.)

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