Version 8.32

Versions 8.30, 8.31, and 8.32 were released in rapid succession to include a couple of bug fixes that didn't make 8.30.

Note!! The effectiveness of control surface deflections has changed in 8.32. As a result, artificial stability and custom autopilot constants are likely to need retuning. Artificial stability systems are likely to flutter at low frame rate; planes with custom autopilot constants are likely to bob up and down like dolphins in the vertical AP modes (Alt Hold, VVS, etc.)

Here's Austin's description of 8.30-8.32:

X-Plane 8.32 has a few tiny little big-fixes since 8.30, specifically the ability to handle aircraft checklists larger than 200 lines, record the date properly on all flights in the logbook, the ability to handle all sorts of corrupt real-weather files gracefully, and run on good old Windows 98.

So what's new for 8.32 since 8.21? TONS!

Major frame-rate optimizations... about an EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT FRAMERATE INCREASE!
Here are some frame-rates in the default case... the speed improvements are even GREATER in the "Full-Screen With HUD" and "Full-Screen No HUD" views.

Mac Powerbook OS-X:
Mac G5 OS-X:
Intel P-4 Windows XP:

X-Plane 8.21:
16.2 fps
23.3 fps
27.3 fps

X-Plane 8.30:
25.8 fps
42.8 fps
46.2 fps

As well, load times are about the 25% faster if you have TONS of objects and roads turned on, and OVER ONE-HUNDRED PERCENT FASTER (less than half the time required to load!) in many cases.

Scenery enhancements:

Flight-Model Enhancements:

General New Features:

New Joystick Buttons:

New Instruments Selectable in Plane-Maker:

New Systems Simulations:
(This new system simulations stuff is new detail for FAA-certified flight training, but you still get the benefit.)

Minor Enhancements:


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