Version 8.15

8.15 is the next version after 8.11, with substantial new content.

Note: there are a couple of gotchas with V8.15 including bad preferences and new restrictions on airfoil assignments. For details see the V8 Current Favorites section.

So what's new with 8.15?  TONS, with special emphasis towards MORE FAA-CERTIFICATION FOR FLIGHT TRAINING.

This means my focus has been pretty tight on detailed modeling of engine temperatures and performance, electrical and vacuum systems, autopilot and GPS accuracy, and more powerful IOS (Instructor Operators Station, or "IOS" button on the MAP window in the OUTPUT menu). These are the type of things that have to be right on the money for FAA-certification, and X-Plane is now improved in these areas in spades.

So, with more powerful and accurate instructor stations, autopilots, GPS systems, and engine-modelling being the primary goals, and a TON of other cool little additions that people have asked for, here is the list of new stuff done for 8.15!

New Features:

Cool new feature: Run an IOS on a second monitor on your ONE computer!
Here is how it works:

Instructor station can now put you in 3 new modes:
  1. LOCATION-FREEZE: This causes the flight model to behave normally, except that you DO NOT GO ANYWHERE!

  2. DOUBLE-SPEED: This causes the flight model to behave normally, except that you cover terrain at 2x normal speed.

    Both of the these features are required for FAA-certification, because they allow the sim to be stopped or sped up to facilitate flight training.

  3. QUADRUPLE SPEED: Do the math.

New Instruments:

Flight-Model Enhancements:

Graphics Enhancements:

Minor Enhancements:

Bug Fixes:


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