Version 8.10

8.10 is the first release after 8.01 with a substantial set of new features...
So, what's new? TONS.






  1. Get a REAL Garmin-430 radio (from Garmin or an authorized dealer) and solder a switch inside the unit to drop it into SIMULATION mode. You will NOT want to do this with a unit in a real airplane (you would void the warranty and certification, and how would you use the G430 for regular flight again?), so you will want to get a real Garmin 430 that you can plug into X-Plane... this costs about $10,000 though! So, your first step is to get a real Garmin 430 from Garmin or an authorized dealer and solder the switch into simulation mode.
  2. Take a REAL Garmin 430
    Plug the Garmin into the com-port of your computer. This Garmin 430 radio will now take input from X-Plane via com-port in your computer instead of satellites in the sky! Cool!
In other words, X-Plane tells the Garmin 430 where you are... you can now use this real Garmin 430 with X-Plane JUST EXACTLY AS IF YOU WERE IN A REAL AIRPLANE. The Garmin will show the moving maps, and you will enter destinations, radio freqs, and flight plans all in the Garmin 430, driving X-Plane as you do.

Finally, you can practice using your REAL Garmin 430 in a flight simulator... this is a first: NO OTHER FLIGHT SIM DOES THIS. The training potential here is huge: Garmins are a bit tricky to use with their HUGE functionality, so practicing for free on the sim is INCREDIBLY VALUABLE. The alternative is to learn to use the radio while you are hauling across the sky in your Cirrus burning 15 or 20 gallons per hour at 200 miles per hour just to learn how to push a few electrons around... THAT IS JUST PLAIN DUMB! Flight schools and anyone else that wants to train pilots with Garmin 430's on the ground rather than in the air burning fuel like crazy and racing across the sky should grab a (real) Garmin 430 (but not out of the airplane they rent.. again: you will have to open it up and soldier a switch into simulation mode) and a copy of X-Plane right away... the training benefits will be huge, and the safety and environmental impacts of learning how to use the complex, quirky radio on the ground rather than in the air with the engine gulping gas are significant! EVERYONE should learn how to use a G430 this way: in an excellent flight sim, on the ground, with zero stress, zero noise, zero distraction, zero fuel burn, and zero risk. Then, once you have mastered the 430 on the GROUND, it is time to go flying!


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