Version 8.04

As you can cell from Austin's description, the major focus for 8.04 is more systems modelling. Also, 8.04 brings back the Cessna-172, with a new V8 compatible panel.

Note: Austin got a little carried away with the systems modelling and you need an ignition switch to start turbine engines, as well as all the other stuff. This is fixed in 8.05.

NEW STUFF FOR X-Plane 8.04:

This version of X-Plane is designed to have far more systems-simulations and equipment-failure-simulations, including multiple hydraulic, electric, and vacuum systems, with failures of countless instruments and subsystems available so you can practice getting airplanes on the ground with countless things going wrong with the plane, from failed hydraulic and electrical and vacuum systems to engines that are surging randomly due to fuel-flow fluctuations, or throttles that have failed to the "wide open" position... this is great fun in the sim, and useful for training as well. In Plane-Maker, you specify which electric or vacuum system each instrument is on, so you can have the right instruments shut down in flight when an electrical bus in the airplane goes down! We also have new detail with APU's and bleed-air simulations to get aircraft and engine start much more realistic, right from the first APU start-up!

Here are the specifics:

Multiple Hydraulic and Electric and Vacuum Systems

APU and Pressurization Systems Modelling for Engine-Start and Pressurization:

So, to do a full start up in X-Plane (and a real jet, by the way):

  1. In Plane-Maker, equip your plane with both an APU (buttons folder) and a full bleed air knob (pressurization folder).
  2. run X-Plane and start the APU ("start", then "on")
  3. set the bleed air to APU so you have bleed air coming from a running APU
  4. hit the engine starts to start the engines set the bleed air to BOTH to get bleed air from the engines for the pressurization and any in-flight starting
  5. turn off the APU
This is how you start up a real plane, and how you do it in X-Plane if you equip the plane with APU and bleed-air switches.

Question: How can I start the engines in flight if they are not running, and the APU is off?
Answer: whatever engine IS running will provide the bleed-air, and the engines windmill even if shut down.. 10% N1 is enough to drive the systems.

New Failure-Modelling:

New engine failure type option: engine fire. If you specify an engine fire, then the engine smokes as it fails... regular engine failure does not leave a trail of smoke though.

New Instrument failures: Specific Instruments. This lets you fail specific instruments on the panel, so if you have 2 attitude indicators, for example, you can fail just one of them. This is already possible, of course, by putting them on different electrical or vacuum systems, but this is a way you can fail any instrument you like without that failure affecting other instruments if you like.

New Instruments:

New General Features:

Flight-Model Refinements:

General Refinements:

Cool New Planes:



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