Version 7.61

7.61 came out pretty quick after 7.50 to fix the Mar scenery. Once again, in typical X-Plane fashion, we had a couple of betas for 7.60 and then suddenly the version number changed to 7.61 for the final release.




Instrument Panel Upgrades:


2 inverters (each with failure capability) as well as pitot-tube and static-port blockage! Both of the failure items above have caused many accidents, including an inverter failure taking down a King-Air a few years ago (all aboard dead) and a pitot-tube blockage knocking out all the speed systems in a Cirrus (pilot parachuted the whole plane down, not a scratch) and an airliner taking off with some tape over the static port (for washing) and causing countless systems in the plane to indicate wrongly and set off countless alarms in the cockpit, causing the paniced pilots to land the plane immediately with half their instruments not working or agreeing, and many alarms and bells and warnings all going off at once, the airplane thinking it was too high, too low, too fast, too slow, and underground all at once.


Bug Fixes:

Version 7 Overview

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