Version 6.06

New flight model improvements for the tech-crowd:

Multiple fuel tanks, with full assymetric-fuel loading effects. (set the tank geo up in Plane-Maker Weight screen)

New for helos: enter the flapping arm for the rotor head for more accurate helo dynamics... this flapping arm is how far the rotor flapping hinge is from the hub, giving the helo much more precision and control authority as centrifugal force from the rotors tries hard to flatten out the hub (and the helo attached to it!) into the plane of rotation of the rotor disc.

New flight model details: Jet engine performance ismore realistic at idle, and floatplane dynamics are improved too.

New visual stuff for the eye-candy people:

Aircraft cockpits scale with high with resolution, and instruments look better when scaled up, too.

Better cloud rendering all around.

Custom needles and annunciators to let you send custom needles and annunciators to the cockpit, see UDP instructions.

No more distorted rendering in those odd viewing angles.

Awesome new custom panels on a number of planes, including the SR-71, F-4, and C-119.

General new features:

Reverse joystick axis avail Mac and Windows, and a few more joystick buttons available too.

Thunderstorm patterns are saved in the situations, movies, etc.

You can control the internet data output rate in the internet screen.

Some third-party planes sort of jerk on the runway at startup: resave them in Plane-Maker and they should start smoothly now.
Some third-party scenery has auto-gen cities on the custom textures: resave them in World-Maker and that should not happen now.

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