Installing and Upgrading - V8.15 and Earlier

Where do I get versions of X-Plane??

The current version of X-Plane is available from the X-Plane download page, but only as a network installer. For details see the installer description. Older versions are available from a variety of mirror and archive sites. If you can't deal with the download, you can order a CD or DVD. sells a CD or DVD with updates for several recent versions; see their order page for details. (X-Plane version 8 is distributed on DVD; earlier versions are distributed on CD.)

The mirror and archive sites for X-Plane come and go; the following were known to be available recently:

How do I install the full download?

The X-Plane full download is simply a compressed archive of the X-Plane directory tree. Open it with Stuffit Expander on the Mac; just run it on a PC. Expand it to wherever you have space. On a PC, in the Program Files folder is the recommended location. You'll need upwards of 500MB of HD space for current versions. Plan on several gigs if you want to install the optional scenery.

I've been running the X-Plane demo and liked it so much I just bought the CD/DVD.  How do I install the full version?

You already have the full version! The same download acts as a demo or as the full version, depending on whether or not you have the CD/DVD loaded. The CD/DVD acts as the full version key. For older X-Plane versions (through 5.x) it also contains the terrain data for the most of the rest of the world. In versions 6 and 7 world scenery is packaged separately and must be installed on your HD. In version 8, additional scenery is on the DVD in compressed archives and must be installed on your HD. There is a version of X-Plane on the CD, but it's usually way out of date. Ignore it.

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