Flying with a Copilot

How can I set up a plane so two networked users can fly it as pilot and copilot?

Note: For networking details, also see the networking FAQ page.

Here's what Austin says:

It's easy. Here's how:
Now you have 2 copies of the same plane, each with it's own instrument panel, and the names "coolplane.acf" and "coolplane_copilot.acf". The .acf files are in the same folder, right beside each other.
Now simply copy that whole aircraft folder from one of your computers over to the other, putting the aircraft folder in the same place in the second (copilots) copy of X-Plane.
Fire up X-Plane on each computer, go to the SETTINGS menu, and then to the DATA INPUT OUTPUT window on each computer, and select INET 2 tab.
Check the IP ADDRESS OF EXTRA VISUAL/COCKPIT #1 (THIS IS MASTER) button on that computer, and enter the IP address of the copilots machine.
On the COPILOT'S machine, check the IP ADDRESS OF MASTER MACHINE (THIS IS EXTRA COCKPIT), and enter the IP address of the pilots machine.
Now, on the lower left, click on the 'aircraft name reading suffix' and enter (can you guess it? if you are smart, you should) "_copilot". That means that NO MATTER WHAT PLANE YOU OPEN ON THE PILOTS MACHINE, this computer will add "_copilot" to the name of the plane that it tries to open!
Now, on the PILOTS machine, open the "coolplane.acf"... if you set everything up right, then the pilots machine will send all the appropriate data to the copilots machine (because you checked the "ip address of external..." box), the copilots machine will get the message (because you checked the "ip address of master..." box) and the copilot's machine will apply the name "_copilot" to the aircraft name (because of the name suffix you entered), and open the copilots plane on the copilots machine...
a plane that has a copilots instrument panel if you did your job in Plane-Maker.

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