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Science Fiction and Fantasy Writing:

Enter the Door Within: Blog with writing tips by Wayne Thomas Batson

Authorguy's Blog with several recent posts on writing in general and SF/F in particular by Marc Von Kannon

Valerie Comer: SFF stuff and links to Food stuff, too!

Alive and Knitting - some brief but delighful posts on science fiction, romance, and other writing and of course yarn stuff

Mark Charan Newton: lots of nice posts on the fantasy writing experience.

Mike Brotherton Hard SF Writer: posts on science fiction, astronomy, and other interesting topics

Science Fiction and Other Odysseys - Lots of interviews described and accessed through links

Science Fiction Musings

Valarie Coskreys Classroom Tools and ideas: SF books for YA

Emmalyn's New Explorations, currently mostly Cerelian Gold, an adult themed Sci Fi serial novel

On general writing and publishing

an interesting site for writers and bloggers

Tobias Buckell on writing and publishing as well as on his books

classical essays online - quotidiana.org

Jalonrath tips on getting published

A speculative fiction listing (SF, horror, et al) and advice on agents and getting published

On food

leites culinaria

medieval cookery by Cindy Renfrow

Recovered Recipes

A Year in Bread

Southern Living

Other sites worth visiting

SCA Scribes social site

published SFF writers who blog

Ursula's Alcove - weavers resource

Arbor Day has a discussion board with lots of discussion about taking care of trees and other plants

QOV Foundation-- one of several sites with basic information about Quilts of Valor

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