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Emmalyn N. Edwards

I am hoping to become a novelist as my second career but, knowing it's a long process, I'm starting while my first career (a full time day job involving technical writing, editing, and travel) is ongoing, so don't be surprised if there are time gaps in progress. Being of an earlier generation, halfway between the Baby Boomers and whatever came after, technology doesn't come naturally, but I'm trying. Don't expect graphics. I can draw with pen, pencil, and paintbrush, but haven't found a way to translate that effectively onto the computer.

Writing-wise I've taken undergraduate and graduate level courses in creative non-fiction writing, technical writing, fiction writing, and nature writing at several universities, and attended lectures and seminars of varying value on science ficition and fantasy genre writing, the latter mostly taught by recently-published novelists. That was enough to tell me we need teachers of genre writing at the universities and that published authors can give useful advice but don't always do it well. I'll be giving advice on writing; take it as lessons learned from experience. But, since I'm not yet published myself, I could be wrong and I don't expect you to listen to me. If you are a published SFF writer, agent, or publisher, please feel free to post your own advice in responses. (I assume this thing allows reposnses).

EnE is mostly writings (Science Fiction, Fantasy, and creative non-fiction) and about writing.

If I can figure out how to create multiple categories, it will have categories for my fantasy writing, my science fiction writing, and my homeworld writings, mostly nonfiction. it will also include a section or two of journal-type commentary, experiences, and advice on writing, gardening, travel, etc. If I can't figure out categories or groupings, those looking for one but not another will have to look a little harder through my posts. Apologies in advance.

Gondolas in Venice; Size=240 pixels wide

I think a friend or family member might have a picture that relates to my reality that I can upload here eventually, but for now, this is a sample picture provided by the software, provided by Earthlink.

Every word should be an experience