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This blog was my online wordsmith workshop, where you'll find notes on my writing experiences, excerpts from my fantasy and science fiction novels, and essays of a more homeworld flavor.  Some of the advice therein may still be of interest to new writers so I have left it here but due to technical difficulties, I no longer post here regularly.  You can look me up on Dreamwidth, although I do not post frequently. 

Feel free to share a link to this site. If you opt to download it or share content, please give due credit to this website and the author: Emmalyn N. Edwards. Thank you--Emmalyn

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Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and other stuff
I can tell my readers visit my site on their days off--it's been busier despite issues with my story posting on the holidays. No sign that that part will change any time soon and I assume they won't tell me even if they fix the issues so I suppose I'll try again sometime next month. Meanwhile, I hope those following the story have found its new location.

If you decide to take a look at the SF story, E-ships (E for Empath, not Electronic) while you are there, be aware that its a bit "racier", with more "adult situations" though nothing too graphic, I hope.

It's less serious, otherwise. i thought I should be making it as serious/dramatic/rich as the fantasy novels, and tried, but it didn't end up that way and seems to slide more toward lightly amusing and even humorous as I go. I think it works, but it gets frustrating sometimes to have stories take their own course against the writer's wishes (I think in Book 2 of E-ships, Mxyra's ship is going to show some similar independence, show her how it feels, as it were...)

I'm not sure where it comes from, either: whether the characters set the mood by their nature, whether the scenarios I've developed just don't connect to naturally dramatic themes and tones, or whether tapping into the technical vocabulary and the associated information in my brain connects me to a different brain center, where humor touches more often than emotions associated with drama, nobility, and serious adventure.

Well, for the holiday, some advice on leftover turkey: saute and add your favorite wine or liquor to just enough of the turkey for the one meal. Or chop fine and use as a ground meat substitute in pasta sauce, chile, or other dishes not normally associated with turkey. Alternating differnt leftovers between meals instead of replaying the whole buffet also keeps meals interesting.
26 nov 10 @ 9:52 pm

Saturday, November 20, 2010

20 nov 10 @ 1:47 pm

When it's better not to ask
I'm on line though I'm not sure how, since I'm not connected to the phone line. It seems to have something to do with finally figuring out how to connect to our pinter with my new computer. Whether it works twice in a row... I thought I had fixed the issue with the web software of the story (and other) pages by using Safari, but so far it seems only to have pretended to work, not to actually work, so the story page remains unupdated unless some delayed effect occurs. Please go to my other blog site instead for Onaline's continuing story: http://enexplorations.blogspot.com/ under the category Beyond the Wall.

ONce the habit is broken, its hard to get back into and holidays and travel will no doubt make my posts here and the other site both somewhat eratic. However, I'll keep working at it, if only because it helps keep me on track for my story writing and publishing efforts, too. Those, too, make better progress with some sort of structure and habitual effort to prod me along even when it gets frustrating (generic rejections get frustrating and reaching out to strangers always a potluck effort no matter how many suggestions you get: you just never know what people will like and not like, and seeing what worked in the past hasn't helped at all. There are too many variables between subgenres, styles, individual characters and their quirks... who knows what will hit the right combination with a given stranger. Still, it's worth the effort for even the chance at a successful story finally making through all the random hurdles. Wish me luck and I wish you the same.
20 nov 10 @ 1:09 pm

Friday, November 12, 2010

I may have to change sites
In the usual fashion of upgrades, something broke and the Earthlink web building software is no longer compatible with Firefox, at least for the interim, so I can't currently update my story page on my home computer. My current plan is to shift the story to my other blog, under it's own category, and, when I can get access via someone else's computer, clear the other pages of this web site and direct everyone to the other until Earthlink's web service is fixed or until I find some compatible software (Earthlink's non-English speaking help staff recommended Netscape but I'm not at all sure it will work on this computer. We'll see.)
12 nov 10 @ 5:04 pm

Monday, November 8, 2010

I'm trying to be back...
Lets see, the computer crashed, they fixed it... or NOT. We opted for a new computer, which arrived promptly. They converted my old files (but not settings and such, because it's all new software) eventually, were reminded to order a modem, too. Now I'm on line at long last, and... Earthlink software isn't letting me edit my page. Post, apparently, if you are able to read this, but not change the page to show the next story bit. Maybe by next week I'll figure out what's wrong...
8 nov 10 @ 8:09 pm

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