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This blog was my online wordsmith workshop, where you'll find notes on my writing experiences, excerpts from my fantasy and science fiction novels, and essays of a more homeworld flavor.  Some of the advice therein may still be of interest to new writers so I have left it here but due to technical difficulties, I no longer post here regularly.  You can look me up on Dreamwidth, although I do not post frequently. 

Feel free to share a link to this site. If you opt to download it or share content, please give due credit to this website and the author: Emmalyn N. Edwards. Thank you--Emmalyn

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

One more leg to go
Despite several attempts, I wasn't able to get back to the web site til now, just before the last leg of the journey.  However, I have accumulated many notes on things to post and will shortly be posting them as well as the remainder of the Qiri novel, which has only a couple more chapters to go. 
I've posted the next scene on the Space Explorer page.  Like all battle scenes, I find myself repeatedly rethinking and revising, especially with this degree of inequity in the sides involved (in this case a large man-like being and a very small being.  The direct physical imballance has a certain inevitability about it, but more than strength is involved in any battle and fitting in the other factors appropriately while maintaining an action sequence always a challenge.  Feedback welcome for what is included here, and more to come.
One of the things I missed not being able to get on line was a book review on Jill Williamson's by Darkness Hid.  The blog tour is over, but I still intent to provide my feedback in depth on my return home.  For now, I've attached some links below so you can read what others had to say and I offer a quick summary:  Excellently written book but only the beginning of the story.  If you don't want to be left hanging, buy the whole set before reading. Also, I would have guessed a man wrote it if the author's name wasn't Jill.  The male central character is done better than his female counterpart.

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29 may 10 @ 3:23 pm

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Traveling - next leg
Managed to get on a computer but while it seems to be letting me post a blog, it didn't let me update the Space Explorations page, so you'll find the same scenes for Qiri. On the upside, hopefully it will be better by the time I get to post the next scenes as I've done lots of editing on the train and expect to be doing more on the next leg of the trip. Mid Washington - not so fascinating and the winery we had dinner at was way over priced. The expensive cheese plate had about six bite sized pieces, not all of them cheese nor all edible. The greek chicken flatbread was tasty but barely bigger than a shareable hors d'ouvre for the price of a three course dinner. The socializing went very well with a group that after many meetings I am becoming comfortable with. it helps that even the geeki-est of them have enough experience under their belts to understand that value of interaction with people and are willing to put some effort into keeping the conversation going. Since I'm part of that category, I appreciate having my efforts returned.

A lot of the edits I've made involve adding sensory input to discourses (actions, gestures, touch, expressions, and other ways of conveying action and especially emotion without using adverbs and other direct emotion words like "angrily" impatiently" etc. (i.e. doing more "showing"). I occasionally add the emotion words, too, but only after I have tried to show them and usually to explain the source. I try to minimize such explanation and often delete them in later versions, but they help as reminders to my own intent in minterim drafts, as well as clarifying what I think are important points that might otherwise be missed. I usually incorporate them in thought processes and shifts in reasoning by the character rather than as a substitute for showing the emotion. At least that's my intent.

More later.
13 may 10 @ 7:53 pm

Friday, May 7, 2010

Leg 1
The first, short leg of the journey has taken me to family with a computer I can use.  The formatting on the new Qiri scene may be a bit whacky, but I think it will suffice with what I was able to fix quickly.  This is one of those scenes (the first half of a very long scene) that I have futzed with several times, trying to make sure it had the proper tension, evilness of character, and pre-adult content.  If the more experienced reader reads more into Digarush's actions than naive Qiri and younger readers can, then I have achieved the ballence I am looking for.  What do you think Garush has in mind, here or later?
I think Garush is missing some element, that the reader probably needs more hints about his background, and his off stage actions and dealings, but sometimes I think the reader needs to know more while in fact the reader has no awareness that anything is missing.  That usually means I have ideas about the character that aren't really needed for the story.  How about it?  What questions do you have about Garush and his cronies?
7 may 10 @ 7:45 pm

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Still posting, soon traveling
This is the last of the posts for the blog and for Space Explorations that I can be sure will be on their regular schedule for a few weeks, though i will make every effort to post as I can gain access to computers and e-mail. Please be patient and I will likely leave parts of previous story posts up if I get ahead of schedule rather than behind to give my readers a chance to see the story unfold as intended.

The first of the scenes I've posted is a first draft: until yesterday it was no more than a few phrases and an idea of what had happened. I don't think it quite fits the style of the rest well enough though I had fun trying to show the contrast between our daydreams of past events and our our knowledge of the course of real events. Its one of those stand out things though that an author must do as a regular thing (say a little with several flashbacks) or not at all else it will come across as if someone else wrote it.

The rest for better or worse is more of the same, bringing clarity to what I was trying to only hint at earlier and carrying the story on toward its conclusion not many more chapters in the future.

Since I will be more or less out of touch for awhile, I offer a multiple-step challenge to my fellow writers: identify a trend (it can be social, political, or technical) or a recent technology; carry it into the future twenty or fifty years or more; make it more important than it currently is to at least some part of the society of the time. Write a story about someone coping with its side effects or impacts on daily life. Post it and I'll add a link to it on my return.
4 may 10 @ 9:32 pm

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