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Disillusionment And Discovery: Never posted to any list or archive. The first Sentinel story I ever wrote and the first slash story I wrote with actual sex in it! In fact, at this point, I was so 'shy' writing slash that most of the sex scenes are borrowed from other scenes in other fandoms that had stuck in my mind over the years. Thank goodness I soon got over that initial shyness <grin!>. Makes reference to the episode "Love And Guns". Angst and first time story. Blair gets an upsetting letter from Maya.

Companions To Our Demons: This story is actually housed over on my gen fic page. When I originally wrote it, I had no idea that there would eventually be a sequel that would 'go slash' on me <grin!>. 'Companions' was originally posted to Senfic and archived on Guide Posts in 1997. It was then published in Knitted Souls #3 in April 1998. It is a drama story and there are actually pre-slash elements scattered throughout it. An old enemy is on the loose and wreaking havoc. FYI: The sequel will be called "A House Divided" and has been in progress for quite a while. I am still working on it when time permits and the muses are being kind. I am confident it will eventually be finished and will show up on this page!

Night Life: Posted to SXF and archived at the Slash Archive April 1997. First time story. Jim finds out Blair has been harboring a secret.

Turnabout Is Fair Play: Posted to SXF and archived at the Slash Archive August 1997. PWP-Burn Your Face Off. Blair turns the tables on Jim's fantasy.

In All Innocence: Posted to SXF September 1997. Not sure if it ever got archived. PWP-Tease. Trust me ... There is no plot what-so-ever to be found here!

Try A Little Tenderness: Posted to SXF and archived on the Slash Archive November 1999. Sort of a companion piece to "Turnabout Is Fair Play". PWP-Burn Your Face Off. Blair is exhausted and frustrated; Jim is just plain frustrated; smut ensues.

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