Simply Sentinel
(And Perhaps A Little More?)

This page last updated: March 11, 2000

Hi, my name is Laura although many of you out there in fan fiction land know me as Holly Lyn. I figured it was about time I got my act together and dragged myself into the 21st century with my own web page to house my fan fiction on my favorite obsession: The Sentinel. Eventually I hope to be able to put up some of the fan fic I wrote in previous fandoms of mine as well.

I could not go any farther without thanking the person who is the reason this site exists. The almighty web-wise mistress LisaG is solely responsible for helping me get this site up and running. I may have a lot of hands on knowledge of computers and the programs which run on them, but as a web page builder ... trust me, you really do *not* want to go there!

This site houses both my General and Slash fan fiction but they have been put on separate pages so you don't have to stumble on something you may not want to see.

Author's Comments: I have always said that I write for the pleasure it brings me. And even after 20 years, it still holds true. I'm not in it for money. I'm not in it for free zines. I write because it is something that makes me feel good. Especially when I am able to complete a story. I have frequent bouts of really horrific writer's block so while this page may not be updated often, as soon as I do get something new complete it will show up here! Comments and constructive criticism are welcome on all my work.

That having been said, on to the stories:

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