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Banquet Letter
Jordan River Ministries



April 2006


Dear Partner,




Recently JRM released a letter that reiterated who we are as a non-profit organization and ministry, our vision and mission. We reviewed our past year and upcoming plans, while informing you on the importance and imperativeness of the need for a women’s home. I shared with you the story of Cynthia, and her need for a home. To refresh your memory I will share this story once again.

Currently, Cynthia, a Holland native and mother of three, is in need of a home like the Jordan River. She graduated two years ago from Teen Challenge and had to return to her old environment because there was not a special place such as the Jordan River for her to live. Although she tried to remain clean, she lacked the resources and tools needed to assist her, and as a result she relapsed. Devastated and disappointed she found herself homeless once again. Please, it is imperative that she receives help! You can help, Jordan River needs your support, and we humbly ask if you will help the Jordan obtain our women’s home by providing a financial donation, consider monthly support, and/ or by allowing the Jordan River to present our vision, mission, and testimony, at your church or place of business.


It is very unfortunate that this problem exists, and we pray that no other women will have to share the problems that Cynthia has experienced. The letter we sent also told you of a possible solution we had in mind; the exploration of possible housing at the former Zeeland Hospital “City on a Hill”. This will be a collaboration of different ministries thriving to do God’s work together with a focus on ministry.

Praise God, we are one of the candidates for this ministry and in preparation for this move JRM will be hosting several fundraiser events.

First, we are hosting a Spring Forward Banquet, on May 16, 2006 at the City on a Hill, 100 South Pine Street, Zeeland Michigan, punch is at 6:30 dinner is served at 7:00pm, and a tour of the new facility will also be provided. We invite you to help us in our endeavor by hosting a table that seats 8, by attending the banquet, and / or by giving a donation.


We have enclosed a flyer with the banquet details; please feel free to post on your churches bulletin board. Also, if you are interested, you may send an RSVP several ways: by returning the enclosed response form, (just fold, stamp, and mail), by phone 616-405-2185, or by sending an email to Wurtsboro@earthlink.net. 

Also, other fundraising events are on our website, www.jordanriverministries.net.


We thank you in advance for embracing and supporting home missions through Jordan River Ministries. We are excited and pleased with what God is doing in this ministry and we invite you to be a part of this great move of God! We look forward to seeing you at the Banquet, spring forward, that is!


All for Christ



Patricia Simmons