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About Us
Jordan River Ministries

Ministry Information: The following purpose statements represents services that will be provide in the near future. JRM is currently working on building our Women's home. We thank you in advance for your prayers and support. God bless you! 

Christian Ministry Service

The Jordan River will provide a variety of ministries to serve the community. We will utilize obedient servants of Christ to share their gifts and talents to assist others. Services include networking to help Christians be able to utilize gifts: preaching, leaders in worship and singing, worship singers, musicians, youth leaders and other temporary positions. The Christian ministry will also provide services of evangelism, ministering, graduate house, and advocacy. The Christian Ministry’s goal is helping everyone by not discriminating through, race, age, gender, or denominations, “so that the world will know that you are my disciples if you have love one for another” (John 14:35). The Jordan’s Christian Ministry Service is making a difference in our community, for we know that only what we do for Christ will last.

Fellowship House

The Fellowship House will host a variety of women retreats, special banquets, conferences, and some occasional celebrations. These are offered on a seasonal basis. The Fellowship House will also be offering space for various support groups to meet. This includes the Jordan River’s Women’s Bible Study/support group; along with witnessing, testimonies, personal support, and mentoring to women in the community. The Fellowship House is thrilled to offer services for the Community at large while providing work opportunities for residents and income to support the Jordan River.

Teaching/Training Programs

The women at the Jordan will receive life skills, budgeting, and employment training as part of their assessment. However, the Jordan River Ministries Training Institute also offers evangelist training and ministry discipleship programs for women residents and those in the community enrolled to participate in the class.

Women's Graduate Home

The mission statement is "to provide a clean and safe environment, tools for success, and a biblical support system for women; to encourage, empower, and assist them in their transition, into the community". 


Vision: The Graduate home will help to allow an extension to women’s recovery time, provide preventative services, tools for success and a clean safe living environment and support system. The Jordan River will follow through with the rehabilitation process by transitioning women into the community (or allowing them to relocate from their old community) and helping the women establish independent, clean lifestyles by communing, establishing friendships, and by building a strong positive support system. The home will network to provide tools such as lifeskills, parenting class, job training, mentorship, hobby building, and discipleship and ministry training while allowing women to be introduced to Christ. It will also help women be all that God has called them to be, so that they will know they are valued and have a God given purpose. They are not alone and they can have a new life!

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