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Jordan River Ministries



Welcome to the Jordan River Ministries!

Theme Song - You Will Never Thirst

The Jordan River Ministries is a non-profit organization, with a passion for helping recovered men and women transition successfully into the community. To provide various different community activities and services. These activities include, but is not limited to, Bible studies, support groups, conferences, retreats, and special receptions throughout the year for folks in all facets of life. The services to be offered include  Graduate Homes, Advocacy, and Resource Referral. JRM future plans includes a Christian Ministry Service, a Worship Center, and a Teaching / Training Program.  Each service area will network to provide additional benefits. The Graduate homes will offer - Life Skills, Job Skills, Parenting Classes, Budgeting, and Mentorship.

The Jordan River Ministries started as a Women's Bible Study which was held twice a month. Since then the Jordan River's vision has broadened with a wide variety of services including a "Women's Graduate Home" and with your support and prayers, the Jordan River Ministries will reach women and men in all aspects of life. Thank you in advance, your prayers and support helps to give folks overcoming addiction a chance at life once again. JRM also provides consulting and advocacy services for individuals and organizations.

Mission Statement

"To provide our community with programs and services of ministry that will enlighten, enrich, and empower the lives of men and women, to help them excel as the dynamic people God has called them to be and to reach their destiny with great vision and purpose".
Our Mission Statement for the Recovery Homes is "To provide a clean and safe environment, tools for success, and a biblical support system for men and women; to encourage, empower, and assist them in their transition, into the community".
The Jordan River Ministries believes that new life begins with a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Crossing over the Jordan (River) is crossing over adversity into new life.



The Jordan River

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