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Attention to Detail, Period Techniques, Old World Craftsmanship

By way of introduction; my Name Is Robert P. Norwalt.
I started hobbyist smithing (really just tinkering in my Dad's garage making armor for the SCA, in the Spring of 1989, with a railroad rail anvil, a 20 oz ball peen hammer, and a charcoal grill.
I now run a full time smith'y with all the bells and whistles. I specialize in pattern welded, or *damascus steel's, swords, and armour, garden furniture, fence, camping accoutrements, period reproductions of all kinds, some jewelry, and sculpture.
I can work for you with either coal-coke, hammer and anvil, or I can work with modern equiptment just as well.
I only take custom orders a few times a year, so if it's a special sword, or reproduction item you have in mind, best time to order is the beginning of the new year.
Most generally, If it's on the shelf then that's what we've got to offer. In-stock Items change everyday so check back often.

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Hammer Forge & File, Inc. uses both period and modern techniques to produce quality reproductions of dark, middle, and modern ages wrought iron, steel, damascus steel, and other metal artwork, swords, knives, fences, and furniture.

We specialize in authentic, documented work. Quality, attention to detail, and perfectionism are our blessing and our curse.

Feel free to contact us by email, phone, or fax, with questions.


Hammer Forge & File, Inc. is a hot-forge smithy.


Here's a link to our Historical Reenactment site, Wuffingas People of the Wolf. We do Classical through the Viking Period, rattan/waster and live steel combat. http://home.earthlink.net/~wuffingas/wuffingaspeopleofthewolf/index.html
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Hammer Forge & File, Inc.


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Mr. Shyan-Norwalt
11571 West US Highway 40
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