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1973                    Los Angeles Community College - Computer Technology Associate Arts Degree

                            Many on the job training seminars and courses.

                            Self educated / trained in many areas.


                             MCPA – Microsoft Certified Products Specialist

                             A+ Core Service Technician Examination

                             A+ Microsoft Windows and DOS Environments Specialty Examination

                             Implementing and supporting Microsoft Windows 95 Examination

                            Servicing Compaq Products

                             Compaq Server Diagnostics

                             Eagle Scout

                             DOD Security Cleared in past.


DEC Alpha, DEC VAX's, Compaq CPU’s, SUN Sparc , Ultra & Enterprise , Cisco, 3com, Storagetek, Intel based PC ‘s, and many more.


DEC/Unix, Tru64 Unix,  SunOS, Solaris, Linux, MS Windows 95, 98, me, XP, Windows NT & 2000 servers, TCP/IP, DNS, bind,  NFS, Korn Shell, C shell, Advfs, Veritas Disk & Volume Manager, Apache web Server, Sendmail, CommuniGate Mail Server, Veritas NetBackup, Legato Networker, Ultrix, VMS, VMS clustering, HPUX.



                In depth Information Technology experience, including:


*  5 years of 2nd level Unix administration/software support.

*  Highly proficient TCP/IP expertise.

*  Proficient Korn and C shell scripting capabilities.

*  Self-taught exposure to Linux operating system.

*  Partial list of client account at end of resume for review.



March 16, 2001  to Present :

* Resolved problems on window systems for Friends, Family, and Boy Scouts.

* Produced a monthly news letter with Microsoft Publisher.

* Maintained a Home network of a Windows 2000 advanced server, Windows 98SE, Windows Me, Windows XP, Fedora Linux, Solaris UNIX, Red hat Linux, router, wireless network and a Cisco switch.

* Also installed and learned many other products.

* Attended user group meetings and Microsoft Tech events.

February 2000                 Interactive Search inc. (isearch)

To March 16, 2001         UNIX and Microsoft server System Administrator


*  Managed 8 Alpha/Tru64 UNIX systems and over 14 Sun systems.

*  Monitored and resolved problems on Microsoft servers.

*  Managed and Monitored tape Backups.

*  Managed CommuniGate and sendmail mail servers.

*  Worked on apache web server’s.

*  Managed DNS server’s and domain names.

*  Worked with HP OpenView

*  Upgraded UNIX Solaris and Tru64 system software

*  Provided user support & added/modified user domain accounts on Windows & UNIX servers.

* Resolved all problems except Database (had database administrator to work with) from 3:00am till 9:00am including phone system, building, air conditioning, etc. along with the network operating system and application problems.


May 1999            UNIX and  Windows contractor

To February 2000

*  Help clients add additional equipment and modify Unix operating system(s).

*  Upgraded system(s) and apply patches.

*  Help resolve day to day problems and monitor network(s).


1991                      Digital Equipment Corporation (Compaq)


*  Managed all emergency “crash” situations on triage basis for multiple clients on a 5x24 basis for DEC Unix/Trucluster, Windows servers, workstations & VMS.

*  Installed, Setup, tuned, applied patches, provided capacity planning and troubleshot assigned systems.

*  Managed CalPX’s data center DEC systems for 4 months.

*  Trained the new system manager.

*  Worked onsite at a major customer for 5 years resolving  unix/vms hardware and software problems.

*  Worked on WAN systems – providing trouble shooting – up to and including installation of CISCO routers, hub’s, switch’s and gateways.

*  Have understanding of different telephony technologies (Frame Relay, ATM, T1)

*  Provided support on SUN Sparc CPU’s & other products.

*  Worked on printers, disks, tapes, terminals, specialized interfaces, system problems and application problems.

* Worked on large disk clusters.

*  Worked with multiple customers doing the same after being an onsite engineer.


1973                      Digital Equipment Corporation

to 1988                  SYSTEMS and PRODUCT SUPPORT ENGINEER


*  Resolved software and hardware problems that customers, field engineers, and remote support groups couldn’t resolve.

*  Worked over the phone and onsite.

*  Resolved customer problems including CPU, Memory, disks, tapes, printers, terminals, interfaces, network, operator problems, operating system software and application problems.

*  Kept management and customer management informed of problems or status updates.


                                                Client Accounts included:

                                                UCLA                                    LADWP

                                                Rand Corp.                            GTE

                                                SDC                                       CAL PX

                                                Northrop                                Raypak

                                                Areojet                                   Wells Fargo (exclusively network)



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