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  I believe that job security is passing on information to others so they can take over your job allowing you to be moved on to other jobs within the company. This makes you more valuable over time since you know how to do more jobs and have a reputation of bringing performance out of other employees.

  I also believe that if I had to work hard to figure out how to do something then it is my responsibility to re-document the task so the next employee will not have to spend time and frustration on the same task there by saving the company money and providing better service to our customers.

  I also must look at things a little different than most people, probably because I have been a problem solver all my life and look at the details to solve problems. Most books, WebPages, etc., are full of fluff or specific information. They rarely give you complete details of information or full examples on how to use the information in real life. For example take HP printers, all the information says they have the best printing. Does that mean you get the same quality and lasting ability from a $200.00 printer as from their $10,000 one? Why don't they ever compare the quality or lasting ability of their inks?   Or why not have an application that lets you chose which options you want and then give you a list of their printers that have those options or specifications? Why must you first look at this as the greatest product on earth, then look at the features that product has to see if they meet your needs. I guess what I'm saying is instead of selling me on the product, why not find out what I need and then sell me the product that closest meets my needs.

 When trying to find the answers to a problem I see answers like change some setting. They rarely tell you where or how to do that. Most people assume you know as much as they do, or they don't know or remember themselves.


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