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  My name is William A. Thomas and I go by the name of Bill Thomas or as some call me "B.T."

  My college professor described me best in a letter of recommendation as "an old fashion nice guy" and a job hunter summed up my career best by saying "He has done computer and software triage for most of his career."

  I grew up in a family Business that had a chain of gift and tourist shops. Here I learned the importance of people and management skills for business and personal life. Since age eleven I've been in the Boy Scouts of America where I earned the Eagle Scout award as a youth and the Silver Beaver award as an adult.  Scouting has strengthened my personnel skills that my parents and religious beliefs had already given me and will continue to give me. It has also continued to improve many other skills including management and working with people.

  I have a great ability to learn, work with others, and resolve tasks or problems.

  I love the outdoors, Backpacking, Hiking, Camping, and Gardening. I have also enjoyed computers since my high school teacher Jack Brown introduced me to them. I volunteered while going to college to repair and program computers. I continuing  to do that even today for the Boy Scouts, Friends, and Family.

  Please take a look at my resume to see if I can be a benefit to you and your company. 


             Bill Thomas


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