JB Cheney


Young people are my favorite audience! I am available for presentations at schools, libraries, book fairs, literature festivals, and any other creative use of time.

Sessions, which are generally 45-50 minutes long, can be at two schools within the same district, provided the distance between them is around ten miles or less. Middle schools are the ideal age range for me, though upper elementary students will enjoy the presentation for My Friend the Enemy, with its emphasis on the World War II home front. Children will have an opportunity to see how ration points worked, understand how the Japanese launched their only attack on the mainland during the last year of the war (you'll be amazed!) and learn the peculiar chain of circumstances that led me to write the book.

For grades 7 and 8, I talk about my particular (some might say peculiar) interest in Shakespeare--namely, how I became acquainted with him (hint: not by reading his plays), how our relationship developed over the years and how I came to write The Playmaker and The True Prince. Through the magic of audience participation, children will also come away with an idea of what life was like for an Elizabethan stage apprentice--and perhaps even a glimmer of what makes Shakespeare great.

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