How to write a great novel - 3 hour workshop

Comments from workshop participants at the
Tucson RWA conference April 15, 2007

Organized, great pace, enough examples to make connections and responsive to audience.  Amount of information was just right: not overwhelming but enough to mull over later.

This workshop provided more useful information than all the others I have attended. I especially appreciate the examples... I read widely for ideas.  This will guide me well.

Absolutely would recommend to others.  Unique use of examples in handouts and in presentation.

Great workshop. I'm happy I stayed for it.

More than met explanations--excellent workshop. Very worthwhile... will help me personally in both writing and revision.

Comments from workshop participants at the
Missouri Writer's Guild  conference April 2, 2007

Gave me a lot of practical advice that I can use today.

The handouts were great.

Thanks so much for the wonderful handouts and just the years of wisdom that you shared.

More than I expected, but let me know if you do a full day course.

Very useful. I have been to other writing workshops that cost far more and were cheesy, watered-down, repetitive and full of B.S that was not useful. This workshop has benefitted me as a writer and has not only encouraged me in my writing, but has equipped me with powerful new tools to grow. If you offer future workshops, I will plan on attending!

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