Writing Workshops

with the Ashley Grayson Literary Agency and Criteria, LLC


You can book a speaker, host a workshop, or register for a Writing Workshop here.

1 - Corporate and Association Meetings

To book a speaker for your event, please call 310-548-4672 or email wsp.graysonagent@earthlink.net

2 - School Visits

To arrange an author visit for your school, please call 310-548-4672 or email wsp.graysonagent@earthlink.net.

3 - Conference and group sponsored events

Our half-day workshops and presentations can be hosted by a Writer's Conference or Convention. This is often the most cost effective way for a group to attend them. If you are planning a conference or convention, you can add our Workshops to your event. Depending on your budget for speaker's travel expenses and speaker's honoraria we can reduce the attendance fee and/or remit money to the host organization. To explore the opportunities, call 310-548-4672 or email wsp.graysonagent@earthlink.net to begin a discussion.

4 - Public events

The full-day Writer's Workshops are run several times a year, in different cities, based on community interest. We will provide a workshop in a city if there is demonstrated interest from authors or groups. To add your name to our email list, send an email to wsp.graysonagent@earthlink.net with the words "Workshop: City, State" in the Subject. Example: to express interest in attending a public workshop in Denver, CO, you'd send an email with the subject line: Workshop: Denver, CO

Initially we will be offering these workshops in the Los Angeles area. If you are willing to travel to a destination city to attend a workshop, please say so in the body of your email. Also say which workshop(s) you'd be most interested in. If in doubt, describe your interests, after all, there are people here, not machines.

To see what public events are currently scheduled, click on Events

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